Jenny’s Wedding

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Grace Gummer, Alexis Bledel, Matthew Metzger, Sam McMurray
Directed By: Mary Agnes Donoghue

One day, we’ll have more gay movies that are more about gay people doing normal things in everyday lives, instead of movies about gay children coming out to their parents. Sometimes, it can be a really effective plot device, but in the case of Jenny’s Wedding, the whole film is LITERALLY ABOUT HER COMING OUT. No, it’s not actually about Jenny’s Wedding. There are very few moments in the film actually about her wedding. There’s the actual wedding, at the end, sure. Other than that, there’s one dress shopping sequence, and one brief scene where Jenny (Heigl) and her partner Kitty (Bledel) discuss the growing guest list.

The rest of the movie is about her parents coming to terms with her being gay.

We never meet Kitty’s parents, or Kitty’s friends. I find that unusual in a film about a wedding. Lots of talk about Jenny being gay, and how she wants to get married, but that doesn’t count. This film is still about coping with Jenny being gay.

Tom Wilkinson saved the movie for me. He is absolutely superb, as usual. Linda Emond is pretty great too. Bledel is SO CRIMINALLY UNDERDEVELOPED AS A CHARACTER. Seriously, she has no real character here. She serves only as a placeholder for the wedding. She has no real friends, no scenes with her by herself, no personality or thoughts of her own. Some really awful writing allowed this to happen. Honestly? Jenny’s sister (Gummer) has more of a character, while her brother (Metzger) has virtually no character either. Find some fucking balance, please. The sister can’t somehow be more important than the brother, in terms of storytelling, and the partner can’t also be unimportant to “Jenny’s Wedding”. I think that Jenny’s dad’s best friend (McMurray) had more of a character, and more to do than Bledel did.

Not a great film, but it has two good performances in it, and some really great music. I loved the music in this film. So whoever the music supervisor was that selected these songs deserves a raise. Some really good music can be heard in some of the most pointless moments.

Jenny’s Wedding could have been a gay Father Of The Bride, but instead it decided to try and make a point. Unfortunately, it did a poor job of making that point. Had Wilkinson and Emond not been cast in those roles, god knows what this film would have been without them. It’s an outdated film that wastes the talent on screen in favor of preaching to the choir. You have to remember that the people most likely to see a gay movie are people who are already tolerant of gays anyway. You’re wasting your breath trying to change opinions that are already changed.

FINAL GRADE: C+ (Mostly because of Tom Wilkinson)

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