John Clayton (MacTheMovieguy), Editor-In-Chief

John’s earliest memories of film consist of seeing a midnight release of The Flintstones, falling asleep in Batman, and making his friend see Tom and Jerry over some other random action movie. That has since transpired into a life of watching countless, thousands of films, and TV shows. He wrote his first reviews for a small town newspaper, Neosho Daily News, and later would write reviews for other bloggers on their now defunct websites. As of launching MacTheMovieguy.com, he currently is a contributor to MjsBigBlog.com where he writes articles about various reality competition reality shows, and has become a known expert on American Idol and The Voice. He also serves as an editor for HouseOfGeekery.com, and his reviews can also be read on StarPulse.com.

John holds a BA in Cinema Studies from the University of Central Florida.

Some of his favorite films of all time include American Beauty, Memento, The American President, Wall-E, V For Vendetta, The Departed, North By Northwest, Pleasantville, Argo, and Up.

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