John Stark (MacTheMovieguy), Editor-In-Chief

John’s earliest memories of film consist of seeing a midnight release of The Flintstones, falling asleep in Batman, and making his friend see Tom and Jerry over some other random action movie. That has since transpired into a life of watching countless, thousands of films, and TV shows. He wrote his first reviews for a small town newspaper, Neosho Daily News, and later would write reviews for other bloggers on their now defunct websites. As of launching MacTheMovieguy.com, he currently is a contributor to MjsBigBlog.com where he writes articles about various reality competition reality shows, and has become a known expert on American Idol and The Voice. He also serves as an editor for HouseOfGeekery.com, and his reviews can also be read on StarPulse.com.

John holds a BA in Cinema Studies from the University of Central Florida.

Some of his favorite films of all time include American Beauty, Memento, The American President, Wall-E, V For Vendetta, The Departed, North By Northwest, Pleasantville, Argo, and Up.

A Glimpse Into Mac’s Grading:

A+ Grade: Very rare. Extremely rare. Reserved only for a handful of films that are automatically among my favorite films of all time. Not just top 100, but top 50, or even top 25.
A Grade: When I feel like a film did everything right, and I fully enjoyed myself, I’ll give a film an A grade. It’s possible the film had maybe one minor grievance, but it didn’t ultimately hinder my enjoyment of the film. Generally a “must see” in theatres.
A- Grade: Almost an A film. Except, generally this film did have a grievance that I couldn’t overlook. An almost perfect film, with just a little flaw. Generally a “must see” in theatres.
B+ Grade; A good film, with a few minor flaws, or one big flaw. I generally enjoyed it. I would still recommend these films be seen in theatres.
B Grade: I still liked the film, but it has a few problems. I might even still like the film enough to get it on DVD. I wouldn’t stop you from seeing it in theatres, but I’m not going to push you there either.
B- Grade: Still a positive grade. I liked the film more than I didn’t like it. This is where we start getting into the “wait for DVD” territory. This film definitely has some issues, but there are still things to like about it.
C+ Grade: My “barely positive” grade. Another “wait for DVD, if you even want to watch this”. I would cautiously recommend this movie. It has problems, but in the end it won the coin flip and landed slightly positive for me.
C Grade: My version of mediocre, or right in the middle. This film really is both good and bad. It’s not good enough to be “good” or bad enough to be “bad”. Some might enjoy it, some might hate it. I generally don’t recommend C movies be watched, unless there’s a performance or something that really demands it.
C- Grade: A somewhat bad film. not a terrible film, but I wouldn’t recommend watching it. If you have to see it, you probably won’t hate yourself later, but you also won’t have a good time. This film has more problems than it does rewarding features.
D+ Grade: A highly problematic film that might have one or two redeeming features. Like a really good performance stuck in a shitty movie. Not a recommended watch.
D Grade: Again, another highly problematic film, with probably only one redeeming feature. One thing that was good about it. Maybe two. But overall it was an awful experience.
D- Grade: Almost an F. Since I consider F films to be “unwatchable”, D- films are basically really shitty films that are technically “watchable”. I sparingly use F grades as a rating. D- is much more common for me.
F Grade: For me, since this is the lowest possible grade, it means the film is actually unwatchable. It shouldn’t be watched by anyone, ever, under any circumstance. It has no redeeming qualities to it whatsoever. I don’t like to use this grade a lot because I know a lot of work goes into movies, and I try to see at least enough light at the end of the tunnel to give a D- grade. But when I see no hope, and a film has truly let me down on every single level, I give an F grade. If I’ve gone out of my way to give a film an F grade, watch out. I don’t do it frequently.

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