Being Mary Tyler Moore

Where I Watched it: MAX English Audio Description?: Yes As fun as this would be to have this be the long awaited sequel to Being john Malkovich, it’s just one of many celebrity centric documentaries being released this year. Whether you wanted to learn more about Pamela Anderson, Michael j Fox, Judy Blume, or Mary Tyler moore, celebrities are all the rage these days. There’s even a Rock Hudson doc coming later this month. But with this constant flow comes the ability to figure out which ones achieve the most with what they’ve got. michael j Fox’s career was seamlessly … Continue reading Being Mary Tyler Moore

Shazam: Fury Of The Gods

Where I Watched it: MAX English Audio Description provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Jedidiah Barton I will die on the hill that even if DC is trying to torpedo Shazam’s own franchise, Zachary Levi needs to stay. The smartest decision James Gunn could make would be to figure out an alternative way of using Levi. Sadly, this sequel doesn’t hold up to the original. Where the third Ant-Man film didn’t match the first two, Shazam really just feels like they gave up. Luckily, Zachary Levi is effortless in this role. he’s so good, so perfectly cast. he’s a giant man … Continue reading Shazam: Fury Of The Gods


Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes OK. So, first off, this is an awful title. I know it’s from the team that did Searching, but if you run a quick IMDB search, you can see instantly that this is destined to be forgotten and buried among the titles that are either exactly the same, or a slight variation, like The missing, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett. I enjoyed Searching for what it was. John Cho is an undervalued actor and it was nice to see him in a film that featured him for basically the … Continue reading Missing

The Son

Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: Media Access Group Narrated by: Zambie Page I think this will become one of those rare movies I use to judge other people by when they decide to share with me their thoughts on this abomination. Truly, i hope no one ever watches it again. I support removing this from all platforms, and it can just be one of those things that some people saw but as time passes, it becomes a little more like The Day The Clown Cried. Maybe we forget it exists altogether. Like, this was given … Continue reading The Son

A Thousand And One

Where I Watched it: Peaecock English Audio Description?: Yes I knew nothing going in. I know that sounds like a rarity, but frequently I have very little information, as I don’t watch that many previews (since most don’t have audio description). With this title, I had a friend see it in theatres and recommend it to me, but I wasn’t engaged enough to track it down theatrically. A few weeks later, it’s on Peacock. This film is best served cold. I say that knowing that it was slow starting, and I wasn’t fully invested in the film for a while. … Continue reading A Thousand And One

White Men Can’t Jump (2023)

Where I Watched It: In A Multiverse, Clearly. This Can’t Be Real. But, hulu. English Audio Description Provided By: PixelLogic Narrated By: Laura Post What do we have here? Oh look, the same guy who thought a remake of House Party was what 2023 needed was also hired to remake White men Can’t jump. Perhaps, if we’re really fucking lucky, he’ll put Tyga in a remake of Friday. Street ball rules apply. First to eleven, win by two. Me versus this film. The film checks the ball, and immediately introduces me to people who are not Woody Harrelson and Wesley … Continue reading White Men Can’t Jump (2023)

Ant Man and the Wasp: QuantumMania

where I Watched it: Disney Plus English Audio description? Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Jedidiah Barton Marvel has been getting a little raked over the coals ever since we snapped back to reality. if you don’t move too far, you can find someone complaining about the state of Marvel films. is it a fair comparison? Debatable. I think two of my least favorite films have been released in the last few years, with Black Widow and Eternals being very underwhelming. The latter took an interesting villain in Taskmaster and somehow made them boring, but thought gender flipping them would make … Continue reading Ant Man and the Wasp: QuantumMania

Dungeons And Dragons: honor Among Thieves

Where I Watched it: Paramount Plus English Audio Description?: Yes I think we should wait for Jonathan. Well, I hope we can all agree this is better than the last big screen attempt at a Dungeons and Dragons movie. I say this with the knowledge that I’m not a D&D fan, so I’m not sure how those dice rollers feel about this comic take on their game. but, it reminds me of the last cinematic attempt at power Rangers. Way better than anyone thought it would be, yet still somehow never got a sequel. The whole cast is entertaining, but … Continue reading Dungeons And Dragons: honor Among Thieves


Where I Watched it: Disney plus English Audio Description?: Yes Last year,I stumbled upon a random straight-to-video Disney Plus release with Better Nate Than Never that wound up being one of the best of almost 300 films I saw in 2022. There is a chance that Crater, which really took me by surprise, will be that film this year. I’ve already participated in spirited online debates defending this film, which hails from the director of The Stanford Prison Experiment (shocking, I know). Apparently, the trailers (which I don’t really ever watch anymore), showed a happy movie. Crater is not happy. … Continue reading Crater

Still: A Michael j Fox Story

Where I Watched It: Apple Plus English Audio Description?: Yes This has been a pretty solid year for documentaries about individuals in the business, especially those still alive, who are getting to contribute to their own stories. Pamela Anderson, Judy Blume, and Wynonna Judd. Now, Michael j Fox brings his life story to the big screen. I’m a big Fox fan. I do not care that The Secret of My Success wasn’t a critical darling. i love it. I love Greedy. of course, it goes without saying that Back To the Future is iconic, and his performance in The American … Continue reading Still: A Michael j Fox Story

The Mother

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: international Digial center Written by: Steven Christopher Narrated By: Jamie Lemcheck I enjoy Jenny from the block, and I do wish the best for her career. It’s mostly vapid and forgettable romcoms, but her career has spanned quite a broad period of time. Sandwiched into that spectrum of time are these little glimmers that she’s capable of so much more, and just needs to choose her projects better. Whether your choose to point out her almost Oscar nominated turn in Hustlers or her fan favorite turn as Karen Sisco in … Continue reading The Mother


Where I Watched it: Amazon English Audio Description Provided By: Media Access Group Narrated by: Inger Tudor Generally by the time I get around to the print versions of my reviews, I’m always a little bit behind my YouTube channel. It’s just so much easier to record and upload, than to construct my thoughts while fighting aggressive auto-correct, and a screen reader that often reads a word that sounds so much like the word I meant to use. But, even with the few more 2023 films I’ve seen since Air, it’s still at number one for me for the year. … Continue reading Air

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Marsha Bartenelli Perhaps you chose this review expecting me to tell you how I’ve loved this film for all of it’s years. Sadly, despite this film having its own following, I must admit that i did not see this until just now. not that there aren’t a dozen Cinderella stories out there, starring anyone from Hilary Duff to Camilla Cabello. If there’s one thing that doesn’t need a retread, it’s probably this phoenix that rises from her ashes every couple of years in a new iteration. … Continue reading Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Smokey and the Bandit

Where i Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated by: Tanzi Alexander Don’t get to excited. I already checked Netflix, and the sequel doesn’t ahve audio description. This was my first time through on this film. It always looked so cheesy, and it always felt like one of those films my Dad was supposed to love but its appeal was meant to elude me. however, as i sit here in the midst of a tenth film in the Fast and Furious franchise, knowing one day I’ll have to explain this period in time and what a “Vin … Continue reading Smokey and the Bandit

John wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum

Where I Watched It: not On peacock English Audio Description Available?: Yes If you follow my every move, you already heard what i had to say about having watched john Wick on Peacock, and also Chapter 2. Neither had audio description, but both left the service at the beginning of May. I last saw them on FreeVee. The problem is, I’m still trying to finish this cycle, and be ready for Chapter 4, but I’ve also never seen Parabellum. it was easier for me to sit through the first two films without audio description to allow myself the opportunity to … Continue reading John wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum