House Party (2023)

Where I Watched It: HBo MAX English audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Michelle. I have no prior knowledge of anything that happened in the house Party universe. Sadly, the Kid N Play early 90’s version is a bit out of the range of things I would have seen, as I was still very much into cartoons at that time. I’m still into cartoons, but I now watch other things. Jacob Latimore is stuck in this reboot that no one asked for, and makes very little sense. Basically, there are two friends, one of whom has access to Lebron … Continue reading House Party (2023)

Puss in Boots: the Last Wish

Where I Watched it: peacock English Audio Description?: Yes I enjoyed the first Puss in Boots. After watching a ton of critics review this sequel, I was apparently the only one. But, even though I thought there was a possibility of spinning off Puss into his own film wouldn’t work, the original charmed me quite a bit. The biggest reason is likely the introduction of Salma Hayek’s terrific new foil for Puss, and even though the sequel threw out pretty much everything else about the first, it did keep her around. Smart move. The plot revolves around Puss realizing he’s … Continue reading Puss in Boots: the Last Wish

We Have A ghost

Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: International Digital Center Narration Written By Dakota Green For once, I want a film where the lead kid/teenager who befriends whatever entity the film requires to not be a loner or an outcast. It’s always the sad kid who has no friends. popular kids never make friends with ghosts or aliens or talking toys. It’s always someone broken who needs fixing. Believe it or not, this netflix release passed my litmus test for 2023, aka The year I Stop Watching Shit I Don’t Want To See. I figured, stupidly, a … Continue reading We Have A ghost

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Where I Watched It: iTunes VOD English Audio Description?: No Well, in case you are wondering why Naomi Aoki didn’t make my Top 10 Actress list, this should clear things up. Sony decided that they wanna dance with someone, but they’d prefer it if that person was sighted. So, sadly, the VOD release of this film doesn’t include AD, either on iTunes or Amazon. I had heard this movie was a lot of music anyway, so i figured I’d give my perspective. I’m impressed the film “went there” as much as it did. It explores quite honestly and openly Whitney’s … Continue reading I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Where I Watched It: Peacock English Audio Description?: Yes So M3gan is like Childs Play on crack. Not only does it embrace the fact that it is no longer in the 80’s, and AI technology has come a long way, but it’s much more self aware. That means they know you show up to a killer doll movie not really because it’s scary. Unless you go the Annabelle route, where the doll brings some kind of demonic force with it, these dolls come to life are kinda silly. And for parts of this film, M3gan is silly. There are very … Continue reading M3gan

Pamela: A Love Story

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes Normally, I have concerns about projects produced by living people about themselves. They create their own narrative, and it can be exactly whatever they want it to be. If they want to hide a drug addiction, an assault, an affair, or even just how they behave around others, they have that freedom to do so. often, the best projects are made from a combination of both how the subject felt about themselves, mixed with how others in their life remember them and react to them. But, sometimes, a documentary is honest … Continue reading Pamela: A Love Story


Where I Watched It: AMC Plus English Audio Description?: No You may have heard about this little indie that could. It has fans. Some critics love it. Some people hate it. There’s an argument that the film has no plot,. I’ve heard others thoughts on this film, and I’ve processed all of that information. Truth be told, this film is the most unwatchable thing I’ve ever experienced, for a very specific reason. That reason is AMC Plus and Shudder are resistant to providing accessibility to their audiences. I was told by reps from AMC Plus that they would be expanding … Continue reading Skinamarink

Women Talking

Where I Watched It: iTunes VOD English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: laura Post get ready for a man to mansplain women talking. If there wasn’t a more hilarious juxtaposition, it has to be the overwhelmingly large amount of male film critics having opinions about women talking. I could throw in the towel, praise the film outright, call it one of the years best, and move on. It’s a Best Picture nominee, so who would challenge that? It won Adapted Screenplay! Well, strap in ladies, because this man has some splaining to do. Women Talking takes place in … Continue reading Women Talking

The Whale

Where I Watched it: iTunes English Audio Description Provided By Deluxe Narrated By: laura Post Back before I saw the movie, or really before anyone had seen the movie, I was in a Facebook group that prohibited its members from discussing this film because it would bring up emotions for the plus sized community. Basically, someone went on a tirade about how the movie was fat phobic, using the word fat a dozen times, and talking about how triggering all this was. Me, being me, told that guy to fuck right off, explained to me that I believe we are … Continue reading The Whale

The Inspection

Where I Watched it: Apple VOD English Audio Description Provided By Deluxe Narrated By Michelle Deco Jeremy Pope’s awards run seemed to begin and end with his nomination at the Golden Globes, something I thought for sure would result in more attention. I was a little surprised that we ended up with a giant marshmallow of whiteness in the Best Actor block at the Oscars, but after seeing Jeremy Pope’s performance… I kinda understand why he missed the cut. The Inspection, is based on a true story, or at least a real person, and that makes it hard for me … Continue reading The Inspection


Where I Watched It: paramount Plus English Audio Description?: Yes Nominated for three Oscar’s, Babylon was noted this year for being an expensive dump of elephant crap. That’s not exactly the best way to think about Babylon, but even before this film was released in theatres, I heard mixed things. Basically, if you can make it past the first ten minutes, this three hour tour won’t bother you. But, Damien Chazelle banking a 100M+ oscar bait movie on a film that starts with an elephant shitting all over someone is a tough ask. He might be getting a little big … Continue reading Babylon

Somebody I Used To Know

Where I Watched it: Amazon English Audio Description Provided By Media Access Group I followed Allison Brie into Spin Me round last year, and still in my mind, she can’t do wrong. Even after this film, which she made with husband Dave Franco in the director’s chair, i still want to see things she’s in. That’s star power, when you choose a film based entirely on one cast member. Yes, this film is so close to the plot of young Adult, I rolled my eyes outside of my head. But, the cast can be charming. The plot revolves around Brie, … Continue reading Somebody I Used To Know

Your Place Or mine

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: International Digital Center I can line these two up and list the good not great romantic comedies they’ve already been responsible for. They’re the kind of comedies that are charming enough, but somehow don’t reach that top level of romantic comedy where they live forever, like Pretty Woman, arguably always a solid standard. But while Reese Witherspoon can make a good case that she too has classics with Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde, Ashton Kutcher seems to be a bit more populated by likely forgotten titles like Just Married, … Continue reading Your Place Or mine

At Midnight

Where I Watched It: paramount Plus English Audio Description?: No After just writing a really long and somewhat positive review on the future of audio description with My Year Of Dicks, I’m back again with a Paramount Plus original that actually didn’t even have audio description. This little turd was floating in the shuffling featured section up at the top, and I figured… hey,IMDB says it’s got the girl from Top Gun Maverick, so I’ll give it a try. Once again, this film reminded me that I need to watch less shitty films that serve no purpose other than to … Continue reading At Midnight

My Year Of Dicks

Where I Watched It: Hulu English Audio Description?: No It is a lot easier for me to get a YouTube review out quickly than to put my thoughts in an actual standard review, which is why this review has evolved a bit since I first saw and reviewed My Year of Dicks. The Oscar nominated short is still lacking audio description on hulu, which wouldn’t surprise any of us blind regulars. If there was one service most likely to not care enough to provide audio description unless explicitly required to do so, it’s Hulu. But, something very interesting happened. I … Continue reading My Year Of Dicks