The Good Doctor (Pilot)

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Gonzalez, Richard Schiff, Hill Harper, Antonia Thomas, Beau Garrett
Created By: David Shore

Plot: The creator of House brings us another dynamic doctor in Sean Murphy (Highmore), a doctor with a high functioning autism who is also a genius doctor who sees things in a unique way.

What Works: This just got picked up by ABC for a full season after 2 airings, so I’m not sure what I’m going to write is going to matter much. I think the show has an interesting angle and a decent supporting cast for Highmore to play with. Richard Schiff is a standout, but Highmore does most of the heavy lifting. I think the pilot did a good job setting up Murphy, as well as trying to introduce us to the other players in the show. I’m definitely interested in more episodes, even though the pilot wasn’t perfect. David Shore is a pretty good show creator.

What Doesn’t Work: I think the writing for Sean could be stronger. I also think we need to address the fact that Highmore looks still like a teenager. I know he’s actually 25, which is perhaps still young for his role, but he looks a lot younger than that. In fact, I believe he was in high school at the beginning of Bates Motel still. So, I don’t buy him as an adult. The pilot never makes a mention of him having moved through school faster than others. If he’s a Doogie Howser, someone needs to mention it.

Final Word: I wish I had more to say. I thought the pilot was good, not great, and Highmore did good work. I’m interested in more episodes, but I can’t say this will be something I’m watching five years from now. Not yet, anyway.

Final Grade: B

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