Argentina: 1985

Where I Watched it: Amazon English Audio Description?: No I wanted to approach this with the idea of explaining that we can’t understand these titles with just dubbed audio track, but dammit, this movie was great. It’s Argentina’s entry into the Oscar race this year for International feature. it already made the shortlist, it just made the BAFTA shortlist, it has a Golden Globe nomination, as well as a Critics choice nomination. So while more people may be talking about All Quiet On The Western Front, Decision To Leave, and RRR, this one has performed quietly, but well. Now, I … Continue reading Argentina: 1985

Good Night Oppy

Where I Watched It: Amazon English Audio Description?: Yes Sometimes, it can be extremely rewarding to pick a film to watch even if you don’t care about it. Even if the subject matter just pulls this extreme indifference out of you. Every once in a while, these movies surprise you. I’m someone whose tastes are all over the place. I’ll champion a tiny Sundance indie that no one saw, then be amazed by a comic book adaptation, and laugh through a generic romcom. But when it comes to documentaries, some of them are just slow, boring, and I couldn’t care … Continue reading Good Night Oppy


Where I Watched It: Amazon English Audio Description provided By: Media Access Group Narrated By: Brianna Lyonne I swear, marketing teams are the worst. I’m sure the director of nanny was super excited to be picked up by Blumhouse, but the fact that this is being marketed as a horror is so unfortunate. it sets people up for a film thinking there are some jump scares waiting, or some gore, or ghosts, or something freaky, and that’s not what this is. This is something totally different. But, to really discuss what that is, to a point, also might ruin the … Continue reading Nanny

Something From Tiffany’s

Where I Watched It: Amazon English Audio Description Provided By: The Media Access Group Narrated By: Sylvia Zamora Not to be outdone by rival streamers, Amazon is very much all about creating its own Christmas romcoms. Honestly, with the way that Hallmark and Lifetime have been doing this for years, these streamers are really going to need to step up their game if they want to beat those two in this business. But, this film also reminds me of movies that actually used to make theatrical runs in this genre, and i wonder if they ever will again. People look … Continue reading Something From Tiffany’s

The People We Hate At The Wedding

Where I Watched It: Amazon Audio Description Provided By: The Media Access Group Narrated By: Zambie Page I’ll tell you right off the bat what you need to know. If you’re here because you use audio description, then get ready for some light, but totally appropriate shade. I’m not sure if Page also wrote the script for the narration, but whoever did, I applaud them. Late in the film, one of the characters is on an airplane reading a book. Not a big deal, right? Characters do this all the time. but as the narrator notes for those of us … Continue reading The People We Hate At The Wedding

My Policeman

Where I Watched It: amazon English Audio Description Provided By: Media Access Group Narrated By: John Burgess I think a different set of eyes on this film before release could ahve really helped. There’s a strong film buried within My Policeman, as the movie has a lot to say about being gay in a certain time period, the shame, and what the dehumanization and mistreatment of those to be considered perverts and deviants did on their lives. It also has a really strong ensemble, as the film takes place in a past/present continuous time jump format. So we are always … Continue reading My Policeman

The Sound of 007

Where I Watched it: Amazon English Audio Description?: Yes Last year, the documentary film was taken by storm by a film celebrating music, and really showing what it meant to make a music documentary. This year, amazon realized they now own the Bond franchise, and decided to make one more thing for you to click on. The Sound Of 007 certainly isn’t comprehensive, and plays favorites, but for extreme Bond aficionados, it might be worth the watch. I did enjoy many of the stories of how certain songs came to be. Shirley Bassey was having a hard time belting that … Continue reading The Sound of 007

Goodnight mommy

Where I Watched It: Amazon English Audio Description Provided By: The Media Access Group Narrated By: Andrew Thatcher It’s been a weird Halloween season for me. Earlier, I finally decided to see Let Me in, as I think it’s the only version of that story with audio description so blind viewers can enjoy the story. i thought, for blind viewers, it’s passable. But ultimately, Let The Right One in is my favorite foreign language feature of all time (I know, it should be Oldboy or something, but it’s not), so let Me in just felt entirely purposeless. Then, I watched … Continue reading Goodnight mommy

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 21st

My shortest list of the week so far, but I did manage a movie, and a live theatre event. So, that’s where my time went. 5) Maggie (Hulu) English Audio Description?: Yes I really thought Hulu was going 10 episodes on this like they usually do, so I was surprised to see we are plowing past episode 10. It’s been a few months, and I don’t know if Hulu will stick with Maggie. They have a habit of cancelling sitcoms, or killing them on their second season (Dollface/Woke). So an episode about loss might be preparing us for inevitable cancellation. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 21st

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 17th

Seven shows entered the fray. only one gets to reach the top. Many deserve it. Who will get it? It’s probably the obvious choice. 7) The Great North (FOX/Hulu) English Audio Description: No It’s actually a pretty good sign that television was good when one of my consistent stalwarts ends up on the bottom. While this weeks episode about the family slowly losing their minds during an ice storm paid heavy homage to A Few Good Men, while also putting a heavy focus on a film I love as well, Enough Said, it was just an average episode of The … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 17th

Katherine Called Birdy

Where I Watched It: Amazon Audio Description Provided By: The media Access Group Narrated By: Jari McLoughlin Fairly certain I butchered the narrator’s name, as I believe this was my first encounter with them as a narrator. yay for new talent! Of course, not every movie or tv series has the narrator at the end, so its possible I have heard them before and didn’t realize it. Either way, the narration here is good, even if I was just neutral on this film. To best describe Lena Dunham’s take on womanhood in ye olden times, I would say this is … Continue reading Katherine Called Birdy

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 14th

A long list of shows today. And, still in the new countdown format. One of these shows, I’m really not sure I’ll be staying with. 8) History 101 (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes I’m just putting this last because I’m really not sure I needed 23 minutes on hallucinogenic drugs. I’m not totally sure they’ve covered enough topics yet to be at a point where this is the right time, though I support their medicinal use. Maybe, i just didn’t care that this episode existed? Episode Grade: B- 7) Moe (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes So, here’s the problem that … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 14th

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 12th

I managed six shows today, one less than the past few days. I blame HBo MAX, at least in part, for me having to spend an irrational amount of time exploring why I can’t sign in only on my iOS app, but my Roku version is rocking it. So weird. And it just got super elevated, instead of resolved. The word on the street is that the countdown is the new hotness, so we will continue counting down. Kicking us off here is an old reliable (meaning: lack of audio description). 6) Reservation Dogs (Hulu) English Audio Description Available?: No … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 12th

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 10th

While many spent indigenous Peoples Day their own special way, I realized what day it was right before bed, thus causing a huge missed opportunity to watch something appropriate. I could have swung an episode of Reservation Dogs. But I did not. 1) House Of The Dragon (HBO/ HBo MAX) English Audio Description?: Yes After subjecting me to audio description last week about an uncle thrusting into his niece, in a way we are supposed to enjoy(?), House of The Dragon went for broke on the descriptions of future Cryptkeeper Visirus who was barely alive when we saw him at … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 10th

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 7th

Just another day sliding through episodes of TV shows. 1) The Rings Of power (Amazon) English Audio Description?: Yes in the 6th episode, we focused primarily on one topic, which meant we didn’t even visit certain storylines. The refugees were about to go into battle with the orcs, who are being led by an Elf that has felt the dark side. It’s a pretty action packed hour of television, that eventually results in the merging of two groups, meaning less hopping around in the future. Hopefully. Episode Grade: A 2) Five Days At Memorial (Apple Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 7th