Oscars: Everything Everywhere Except Danielle Detweiler

As I catch up on thing I’ve wanted to write about, including some Best Of 2022 lists, as well as a ton of reviews hopefully this weekend, I figure I can’t go too much longer without an official Oscar article. This is why YouTube is so convenient, because it takes 5 minutes to record a reaction video, and upload my thoughts right away, but just a lot more time to actually put pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard? I wasn’t so incredibly surprised by some of the snubs or surprises. In some cases, the person or film i had … Continue reading Oscars: Everything Everywhere Except Danielle Detweiler

The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/26/23

I did hear in fact that WBD did check to see how easy it was to take candy from a baby, and it was not easy. Unfortunately, that toddler was already upset and distressed about all the cancellations on his favorite streaming service, and went all John Wick. So, taking candy from a baby is not as easy as WBD assumed. They’re still going to axe your favorite show, they just aren’t playing around with babies anymore. 6) 6) Gossip Girl (HBo MAX) English Audio Description?: Yes I’m glad this show settled once and for all the great debate as … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/26/23

The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/25/23

I should stop watching TV. Not because it is rotting my brain, but because I seem to be a bad luck charm for a TV show. Once again, i wake up, watch a show, and then later that evening… that show gets cancelled. Like, what the hell? 5) Echo 3 (Apple Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes It’s not that this show is bad, but it just never fully hits my interest. I keep seeing shows dropping like flies, and Echo 3 is actually one i wouldn’t be upset about. I just wrapped Chapter 2, and there were some great moments. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/25/23

The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/24/23

When I have a bit more time, likely this weekend, I will dive into those Oscar nominations. But for right now, here are the six shows I crammed in yesterday. 6) The Crown (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes in what has become a rather cumbersome season, we spend an entire episode hashing out the divorce details of Diana and Charles. Truthfully, I enjoyed josh O’Connor and Emma Corrine more in these roles, even though I’m a much bigger fan individually of Dominic West and Elizabeth Debecki. Episode Grade: C+ 5) Willow (Disney Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes After the last … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/24/23

The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/23/23

Hopefully you took my suggestion and pushed that baby out yesterday for that sick 23/23 birthday. If not, you can try again in a month. 5) Treason (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes OK. So I said i would rewatch the pilot, so i did. i still see where I wasn’t understanding things, but i got a grasp of it. There are things that just don’t make sense. Like, after the guy (martin?) is out of the equation, it’s shown that Adam is now being moved into the leadership role, which is so important that the Prime Minister warrants a call. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/23/23

The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/22/23

One of those almost really cool number days. Tomorrow will be 23/23 so, if you’ve got some babies in that belly, push me on out. Give them a birthday no one can forget. 8) Treason (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes I really felt like I was missing something. Like, the show started in progress or something. I may go back and watch this episode again, because I was far more lost than i should have been for a pilot episode. Final Grade: To Be Determined… 7) Emily In Paris (Netflix) English Audio Description?: Yes We seem to be in a … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/22/23

The Elephant Whisperers

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: No Yes, this might be considered unfair for me to be slinging mud at Netflix for not providing audio description for a documentary short from a foreign country, and just audio dubbing, but i would argue that the minute this thing made the Oscar shortlist, it became relevant, and the second it gets a nomination, I have the power on my side to demand audio description. If you’re gonna run an Oscar campaign here, you can spend the money to make it accessible. The same will go for RRR, should that break … Continue reading The Elephant Whisperers

The Cathedral

Where I Watched It: iTunes English Audio Description?: no I swear, once i start reviewing 2023 movies, it will be very different. I went all in for 2022, and it’s so hard catching up on reviews. i saw this about three weeks ago, and I’m just now getting around to trying to remember a rather artistic film that had no audio description. I’d love to believe I could do it. i can’t. I chose to watch this after I saw it getting some love in some smaller critic awards, mostly for Brian D’Arcy James, who I adore. I would love … Continue reading The Cathedral

Best of 2022: Top 10 Supporting Actor In A Drama

This category had less total people competing for the top 10 than Supporting Actress, though I did still make some tough cuts. One of them being Tyler Labine for new Amsterdam, who made my list last year for his work dealing with a patient that went too far. So who did make the cut? 10) Malcolm Goodwin (Reacher) Amazon 9) Piotr Adamcsyk (For All Mankind) Apple Plus 8) Michael Imperioli (The White lotus) HBO 7) Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul) AMC 6) Bradley Whitford (The Handmaid’s Tale) Hulu 5) Gary Cole (The Good Fight) Paramount Plus 4) Joe Mantengna (As … Continue reading Best of 2022: Top 10 Supporting Actor In A Drama

The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/21/23

8 shows and a movie. That’s what I accomplished, around life stuff. And it looks like no more cancellations for at least one day. 8) The Mysterious Benedict Society (Disney Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes Now the gang is split up, lots of fighting, Kate is mad at her dad, Sticky is mad at Constance, and somehow I can’t keep but thinking there must have been a better second season. Episode Grade: B- 7) George and Tammy (Paramount Plus) English Audio Description?: No I can’t help but think that I’m missing so much in this quieter than you’d expect drama. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/21/23

Armageddon Time

Where I Watched it: iTunes English Audio Description provided By: The Media Access Group Narrated By: Adrienne Barbeau What I knew about Armageddon Time going in was that it was basically a failed Oscar bait film. It wasn’t getting the kind of reception it had hoped for from all the precursor awards/ That doesn’t always mean a film is bad. Mass got zero nominations last year only because Oscar voters suck. Not because the film did. So maybe Armageddon time was this year’s Mass. It’s not. It’s like Kanye’s fever dream. Racist Jewish people. I’m not really sure what James … Continue reading Armageddon Time


Where i Watched It: Disney Plus English Audio Description?: Yes This pull out of Afghanistan is becoming a hot bed for filmmakers. I already watched the documentary Escape From Kabul earlier this year, and now Retrograde looks to tell a very similar story. My problem here is that while I didn’t give Escape From Kabul a terribly high grade at the time, after watching Retrograde, it’s clearly the better documentary. Escape From Kabul, which is available on HBO MAX, mostly focused on the clusterfuck at the actual airport. It got tons of insane footage, and had interviews with people who … Continue reading Retrograde

Call Jane

Where I Watched it: iTunes English Audio Description?: No This year, I was treated to a fantastic documentary that showed me a part of history I was unfamiliar with. That documentary is The Janes. So, I was interested in a fictional story based around the same concept, even if it didn’t have audio description. The cast here is great, so maybe that all will be enough. And for the most part, it was as good as it could be without audio description. The film centers around a woman who really isn’t necessarily looking to get an abortion until she’s told … Continue reading Call Jane

My Final oscar Predictions

Oscar nominations are Tuesday morning. Voting has closed. The BAFTA nominees are out. And it’s time. I did fairly well predicting the BAFTA nominees at 80% accuracy and I’m looking to change that here. I won’t bore you to death by going bottom up. I’ll start with the big categories. Because I love my readers. BEST PICTURE 1) Everything Everywhere All At once 2) The Banshees Of inusharon 3) The Fablemans 4) Top Gun Maverick 5) Tar 6) Elvis 7) Avatar The way of Water 8) All Quiet On The Western Front 9) The Whale 10) RRR There are basically … Continue reading My Final oscar Predictions

Best Of 2022: Top 10 supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Working my way down to Top 10 was hard enough. Actually, cutting people to make a top 10 was a lot harder than picking my number one. Usually, that’s also a huge problem, but I knew who this would be when i started. I just didn’t know how 2-10 would shape up. 10) Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaids Tale) Hulu 9 Ruth Jamil (Bridgerton) Netflix 8) Chantel VanSandt (For All Mankind) Apple Plus 7) Audra McDonald (The Good Fight) Paramount Plus 6) Rhea Seahorn (Better Call Saul) AMC 5) Ann Dowd (the Handmaids Tale) Hulu 4) Lisa Emery (Ozark) Netflix 3) … Continue reading Best Of 2022: Top 10 supporting Actress In A Drama Series