The Eternal Daughter

Where I watched It: iTunes English Audio Description?: Yes Narrated By: Darren Polish This film has one of the most obsessively and aggressively annoying sound designs. This, and the Amazon movie Nanny, are both designed to drive you mad by creating sound design that isn’t scary, but so obnoxious you lose your damn mind. The whole reason this film exists, and why someone like Martin Scorsese would be a producer (Yes, really) is Tilda Swinton. This is a perfect A24 release. it’s artistic as fuck, and people will debate and dissect this for years to come. The reality is that … Continue reading The Eternal Daughter

After Yang

Where I Watched it: iTunes English Audio Description provided By: Deluxe Narrated by: Darren polish This is one of those films i actually attempted to watch without audio description earlier in the year on Showtime, but it became abundantly clear to me really fast that this film was unwatchable without audio description. I still believe that, even after enjoying it with Darren’s narration. The film is just so entrenched in this indie science fiction world, it’s almost like a love letter to what could be, or what might have been. Colin Farrell, who had the best year of his life, … Continue reading After Yang


Where I Watched It: Apple Plus Audio Description Provided By: Pixel logic Narrated By: Darren Polish i know the last time I saw Jennifer Lawrence in a film it was Don’t look up, but somehow, even though that wasn’t that long ago, it feels like she’s been taking a conscious break, or being really selective. That’s why I kind of wonder what drew her to Causeway. In Causeway, Lawrence plays a veteran who has experienced extreme trauma that has messed with her ability to remember things. She even has to relearn certain things like driving, as well as names, and … Continue reading Causeway