Where i Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: international Digial Center Written By: Liz Gutman Narrated By: Jeannie Lemcheck I had no idea what this was. I knew hit had Jason momoa, and that was it. then, as the film started to unfold, I heard Nemo as the main girl’s name, and I figured this was some kind of Nemo in Slumberland adaptation. Also, it became clear that this fantasy film is meant for families, and is really pretty safe. There are a few nightmare suggestions in here, so maybe not like 5 and under, but I think … Continue reading Slumberland

The People We Hate At The Wedding

Where I Watched It: Amazon Audio Description Provided By: The Media Access Group Narrated By: Zambie Page I’ll tell you right off the bat what you need to know. If you’re here because you use audio description, then get ready for some light, but totally appropriate shade. I’m not sure if Page also wrote the script for the narration, but whoever did, I applaud them. Late in the film, one of the characters is on an airplane reading a book. Not a big deal, right? Characters do this all the time. but as the narrator notes for those of us … Continue reading The People We Hate At The Wedding

A Christmas Story Christmas

Where I Watched It: HBo MAX English Audio Description?: Yes Narrated By: Laura Post There’s almost an abundance of nostalgia right now. Legacy sequels abound, remakes, reboots, and various things from your childhood coming back. So, with so much nostalgia, it’s making it harder and harder for nostalgia to be enough. We’re starting, really truly just starting, to realize that nostalgia sometimes just isn’t enough. Whether you agree with me on this specific project, there’s probably been something given a legacy sequel, or a remake, reboot, requel, or otherwise revived back to life recently that you were not a fan … Continue reading A Christmas Story Christmas


Where I Watched it: Disney Plus English Audio Description?: Yes i don’t know how you feel about Disenchanted, or even its theatrically released predecessor Enchanted, but I have several thoughts. Like, a lot. I know it’s going to seem like I hated this film, but you’ll see at the end where this landed. First, we have to discuss the investment of making a film direct to streaming. It’s becoming more and more clear that Disney’s direct-to-Plus films are not living up to their potentials. Pinocchio was very disappointing and challenged nothing, nor did it bring anything new. They avoided theatrical … Continue reading Disenchanted

The Wonder

Where I watched It: Netflix Audio Description Provided By: international Digital Center written By: Dakota Green The audio description on this film was really good. All my issues with the movie lie within the story and decisions made by the screenwriter and director, not the narration. The film itself is bleak, the narration was very modest and respectful, and it managed to always keep a level approach to what some might consider a faith versus science film. It’s hard to know how much the character of Anna deteriorates in front of visual eyes, but she’s always somewhat mobile, so I’m … Continue reading The Wonder

See How They Run

Where I Watched it: HBo MAX Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe I feel like I’ve been reviewing a lot of mysteries lately. I noted how difficult it was to watch Confess Fletch without audio description, and I just published the audio described Enolah Holmes 2. See how They Run was a film i knew nothing about going in other than Sam Rockwell was in it. I found myself in a very clever detective story, albeit not a perfect one. To describe this film is such a hard thing, because it’s so twisty, but the film plays a little with real … Continue reading See How They Run


Starring: RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, Sebastian Ciccone, Maddie Nichols, Sabrina Carpenter, Madison Thompson, and Diego Abraham. Directed By: Carey Williams Where I Watched It: Amazon English Audio Description Available?: Yes Description Provided By: Media Access Group Narrated By: Inger Tudor The Plot: Three college guys must deal with coming home to find their house has been broken into, and an unconscious white girl is on their floor. Due to their own fears of dealing with the police, the struggle with how to handle the situation, in a film that defies genre, by blending comedy and suspense, and offering an … Continue reading Emergency