My Father’s Dragon

Where I Watched It: Netflix Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Written By: Andrea Mozerella Narrated By: Laura Post We are going to need to not nominate this one for an Oscar this year. If we could just not, that’d be great. When i first heard of this, I saw a critic asking fans what their favorite Cartoon Saloon film was, and i didn’t get the name recognition. I watched the film, and still didn’t care. Since then, I now know they are the Irish animation studio behind The Secret Of Kells. This animated offering has a stacked voice cast. Jacob … Continue reading My Father’s Dragon

Honor’s Society

Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes In the grand tradition of main characters breaking the fourth wall, Honor’s Society is looking to take the cake. We’ve had our share of teen films breaking the fourth wall, either directly like Ferris Bueller’s Day off or Clueless, or through thoughts inside the head of our protagonist like in Mean Girls. but, for our lead character here, I’m half surprised she didn’t come through my damn television and pull me into my life. She talks to the audience so frequently, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this film … Continue reading Honor’s Society