Best Of 2022: Top 10 horror Films

Starting off the look back at 2022, and my Best Of lists. I intend to cover both Film and Television, and I’m going to work my way up to the major categories, instead of starting with them. So, today,a list I don’t think will change, the best Horror Films. As i am a blind film critic, I typically review films with audio description, though i have reviewed films without. It is possible something could appear on a list that did not have audio description, but for this list, every title had audio description when I watched it. So, below is … Continue reading Best Of 2022: Top 10 horror Films

Darby and the Dead

Where I Watched it: hulu English Audio Description Provided By: Pixel logic Narrated By: Jackson Colores While I enjoy the fact that I’ve likely seen more films than most print critics, or will have seen, of the 2022 releases, I really do watch some totally useless and forgettable films. The kind of films that don’t get me traffic, either here or on my Youtube. but, there’s a better film in Darby and the Dead, it’s just one that the filmmakers didn’t want to tell. They could have told the story about Darby growing up, and being in a tragic accident … Continue reading Darby and the Dead

It’s A Wonderful Binge

Where I Watched It: hulu English Audio Description Provided By: Pointe 360 Narrated By: Roy Samuelson Many moons ago, Nostradamus predicted that two children of the devil would be born, and unto the world, they would completely miss the boat on how to make parody/spoof films, and thus their reign of terror would result in a series of films that are universally despised. This includes everything from the aptly titled Date movie and Epic Movie to Meet The Spartans and The Hungover Games. If you told me they directed this, i would not be shocked. This film, which shockingly features … Continue reading It’s A Wonderful Binge

God Forbid

Where I Watched it: Hulu English Audio Description Provided By: Point 360 Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Remember Jerry falwell Jr.? The scandal that brought down the head of Liberty University? Well, this is a documentary about that, but produced by Adam McKay, so it can’t just be a documentary about that. it has to be broad as hell. One of the things that works really well is that God Forbid creates a safe, credible environment for Giancarlo (the third man in that holy sandwich) to come forward and tell his story, in a reinforced and straight forward manner. If anything, … Continue reading God Forbid


Where I Watched It: Hulu English Audio Description Provided By Point 360 Narrated By: Roy Samuelson I laughed basically all the way through my YouTube review version of this. Not because the film is funny, but because it is totally and completely bonkers. Yesterday, in the real world, I was mentioning some of the more recent titles I had seen that felt wholly original as horror titles, and not just retreads, and that’s half the reason I gave Matriarch decent marks. I’m still, a week later, not sure what I watched. I don’t know that I will ever fully understand … Continue reading Matriarch

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 29th

A slow Saturday, but I still managed four shows and a movie. Here’s how those four shows laid out. 4) Little Demon (FXX/Hulu) English Audio Description?: no I think the most frustrating thing about this show isn’t the content, which I’m sure turned away viewers, it’s that because FX slacks on AD, or Hulu refuses to use it (who knows), this show doesn’t have it. So, all of the absolutely crazy stuff that happens, regarding demons or demons using abilities, or even our main girl using her powers, a lot of that visual stuff is 100% lost on me. I’m … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 29th


Where I Watched It: hulu Audio Description Provided By: Point 360 Narrated By: Roy Samuelson Hulu continues its barrage of horror titles this October with a horror title about a meme gone wild that stars Shannon Sossamon. Really, that’s all you need to know. Right? Grimcuddy is a meme, a rather well described creepy as hell meme that comes to life and haunts kids that participate supposedly in its challenge. Basically, parents think their kids are cutting themselves to serve this meme, but these kids can actually see Grimcuddy. And after the attack, they are left with cuts, and the … Continue reading Grimcuddy

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 23rd

I managed to squeeze in starting a few new series today. Sadly, not everything had audio description today. 8) Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes The comedy version of Star Trek goes just far enough to be considered comedic, but not too far to be considered mocking the Trek universe. Maybe, it needs a little send up from time to time. I’ve been watching this for a few seasons, and it’s never been at the top of my list. it’s always just kind of sat here. Barely clinging on to my increasingly hard to maintain viewership. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 23rd


Where I Watched It: hulu English Audio Description Provided By: Descriptive Video Works I literally just click on new films released by streamers that have audio description for the sheer purpose of coming here and giving you even a passing note as to whether or not the description was good, or if the movie is even worth your precious time. I had no idea what this film was about, and I used IMDB a little bit into the film because i heard what I thought was Bradley Whitford’s voice, and that’s where I finally saw the cast list. i totally … Continue reading Rosalyn

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 22nd

Good golly Miss molly. I finally reached the breaking point of audio description on one of these shows. But which one? And how high did it go? Last week, with audio description it managed a first place finish. Can it do that against seven shows that all had audio description? 8) Fire Country (CBS/Paramount Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes I’m glad that CBS seems to be sticking with audio description for now with their new big hit drama. My concern now is that the show is going to do exactly what I was afraid of in the pilot, and have … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 22nd

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 21st

My shortest list of the week so far, but I did manage a movie, and a live theatre event. So, that’s where my time went. 5) Maggie (Hulu) English Audio Description?: Yes I really thought Hulu was going 10 episodes on this like they usually do, so I was surprised to see we are plowing past episode 10. It’s been a few months, and I don’t know if Hulu will stick with Maggie. They have a habit of cancelling sitcoms, or killing them on their second season (Dollface/Woke). So an episode about loss might be preparing us for inevitable cancellation. … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 21st

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 20th

Six shows enter. one will make the top. This is The Round Up. 6) The Masked Singer (FOX/Hulu) English Audio Description?: No Does anyone else find it incredibly reductive for an artist like the one eliminated last night, who is a legendary singer in her own right, to be eliminated immediately? This show has always had a problem with legends, as their older voice isn’t as popping as it once was. But throw her from her prime into this competition, and she would not have gone home. In some ways, The Masked Singer can’t figure out how to keep these … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 20th

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 17th

Seven shows entered the fray. only one gets to reach the top. Many deserve it. Who will get it? It’s probably the obvious choice. 7) The Great North (FOX/Hulu) English Audio Description: No It’s actually a pretty good sign that television was good when one of my consistent stalwarts ends up on the bottom. While this weeks episode about the family slowly losing their minds during an ice storm paid heavy homage to A Few Good Men, while also putting a heavy focus on a film I love as well, Enough Said, it was just an average episode of The … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 17th

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 16th

One show enters and leaves in the same day. I’m so backlogged on content, that it didn’t make a big enough impression to stay in my life. 9) Everything I Know About love (Peacock) English Audio Description?: Yes This show centers around a group of Brits who live together and talk about their love life’s or lack thereof. The only reason I’m passing is just because this ensemble didn’t do it for me. I’ve seen this concept done, with some variety, many times over the years. Most recently, HBo MAX had The Sex lives Of College Girls, which while not … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 16th

The Too Much TV Roundup- October 15th

Seven shows to count down today. No heavy hitters to block the top spot. So who will it go to? 7) The Rookie: Feds (ABC/Hulu) English Audio Description?: Yes I’m a big fan of the original flagship show, so it will take a lot for me to stop watching this, but it just doesn’t have the same flavor. Sometimes, there really is magic in casting a perfect ensemble that balances itself out, and telling the stories with the whole group. Niecy Nash is hilarious, but sometimes she takes up the whole room, which is something Nathan Fillion doesn’t do on … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- October 15th