The Too Much TV Roundup- June 26th

I have nothing snarky to start this post today. Really. I don’t. 1) Hacks (HBo MAX) English Audio Description Available?: Yes This show is continued brilliance. This episode saw the gang at a state fair, and I don’t know which moment was funnier. Seeing Ava choke on one vitamin, or her comment about the 800 dollar pair of shoes that she knew would help get that Susan lady some serious commission. Great episode. Episode Grade: A 2) Breeders (FX/hulu) English Audio Description Available?: No I need to sit down in a room with the Emmy voters. We have to talk … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- June 26th

Ride The Eagle

Starring: Jake johnson, Susan Sarandon, JK Simmons, and Darcy Carden. Directed By: Trent O’Donnell Where I Watched it: Hulu English Audio Description Available?: No. Plot: Leaf (Johnson) is a transient musician living two shakes away from rock bottom when he discovers that his estranged mother (Sarandon) has died, and left him her cabin in the woods, provided he finish her bucket list. What Works: Full disclosure, as a blind critic, reviewing something without audio description, you can take this however you want. There is a good idea buried in this film that after multiple rewrites might have actually had some … Continue reading Ride The Eagle

My Emmy Dream Picks: Best Actor In A Comedy Series

Here are my (albeit unconventional) picks for Best Actor in a Comedy for the upcoming Emmy awards. This isn’t who I think will be nominated, but rather who I would be nominating (my wish list). Joel McHale (Community) Don’t you think it’s about time that Joel McHale be recognized for being the centerpiece of a terrific ensemble and one of the funniest shows on TV? I do. Matthew Perry (Go On) I realize this is not happening. I’ve come to terms with this. But, what better way to let NBC know they made a mistake in cancelling this show (which … Continue reading My Emmy Dream Picks: Best Actor In A Comedy Series

TV Critics Choice Awards

The Critics Choice awards have announced their nominees for this past season. I’m pretty happy across the board with these: Best Comedy Series: The Big Bang Theory, Louie, The Middle, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Veep Best Actor In A Comedy: Don Cheadle (House of Lies), Louie CK (Louie), Jake Johnson (New Girl), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Jeremy Sisto (Suburgatory) Best Actress In A Comedy: Laura Dern (Enlightened), Zooey Deschanel (New Girl), Lena Dunham (Girls), Sutton Foster (Bunheads), Julia Louise Dreyfuss (Veep), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) Best Supporting Actor In a Comedy: … Continue reading TV Critics Choice Awards