The Elephant Whisperers

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: No Yes, this might be considered unfair for me to be slinging mud at Netflix for not providing audio description for a documentary short from a foreign country, and just audio dubbing, but i would argue that the minute this thing made the Oscar shortlist, it became relevant, and the second it gets a nomination, I have the power on my side to demand audio description. If you’re gonna run an Oscar campaign here, you can spend the money to make it accessible. The same will go for RRR, should that break … Continue reading The Elephant Whisperers

The Pale Blue Eye

Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes This isn’t the first Oscar bait Netflix film that just didn’t work on me. This season, I’ve already tanked two of their actually well-reviewed hopefuls for various reasons. The pale Blue Eye is getting that treatment, and i think Netflix might be ok with that. when you look at the marketing for this, and the fact that it technically dropped on Netflix in January, you might consider this a 2023 film. You’d be wrong. This had a qualifying run for Oscar consideration, it’s just not getting a ton of momentum. … Continue reading The Pale Blue Eye

Where The Crawdads Sing

Where i Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description provided By: Media Access Group Narrated By: Michael Bove It might seem like I should have reviewed this film a while ago, and you’d be right. It was released theatrically in July, and it was that moment that prompted me to go “Hey, i should knock this book out before it hits streaming.” That didn’t happen right away, I needed a few extra weeks, and here we are. of course, I also broke the cardinal sin of enjoying film… never read the book. The book is never as good as the movie, … Continue reading Where The Crawdads Sing


Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes Somehow, the documentary branch did not shortlist this farewell to an artist. Somehow, the documentary branch that believed When We Were Bullies warranted a nomination last year, failed to see any relevance or beauty in a son working to make peace with the inevitability of his father’s passing, while also wanting to participate in a documentary on his final days and musings. Robert Downey Sr. Is the Sr. Referenced in the title. And for those of you who have no idea who that is, or that he was a filmmaker in … Continue reading Sr.

White Noise (2022)

Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes Other than my usual perspective of being blind and watching with audio description, i also have not read the book. I’ve heard some call it unfilmable, but I have no context. From what I can tell, i understand their hesitation. i miss the Noah Baumbach who was more interested in seemingly being the next Wes Anderson, and directing offbeat indies like The Squid And The Whale. Netflix letting him do whatever with large sums of money isn’t helping. White Noise is a film not everyone will like. That’s a fact. Not … Continue reading White Noise (2022)

The Invitation (2022)

Where i Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes It needs to be said that Nathalie Emanuel needs to be a casting priority for Hollywood. Like, she needs the same level of attention Margot Robbie gets. There’s no reason she can’t be an A-lister. She should not have to do films like this to hope her star power rises. Everyone loves her, she proved her dramatic weight on Game of Thrones, and is waiting for her big non-Fast and Furious moment. This isn’t it. This is one of those films where I actually don’t blame the cast. At all. I … Continue reading The Invitation (2022)


Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description?: no It generally always takes me a bit longer to write out the review than to do my YouTube recording. Discussing my experience for this film on YouTube already is my most watched video of the past year, because this film has a lot of fans. And even though I say at the top of my video, I’m a blind film critic, and here’s how Netflix expects me to access the film, and my reaction… they just tell me to read the subtitles. insert massive face palm here. So, RRR was a … Continue reading RRR

Emily The Criminal

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: No If you follow me, you’ll see I review pretty much anything. Frequently, I review things I’m not interested in, not excited about, and could really give zero fucks about. But, I want to talk about them, and their effective, or potentially non-effective audio description. And for films without audio description, I plan on talking about whether or not there is any point to watching the film without audio description. I mention this, because i actually cared here. I actually was interested in Emily The Criminal, and from what I can tell, … Continue reading Emily The Criminal

Matilda The musical

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By International Digital Center Written By: Betty Capone My fondness for Roald Dahl material is fuzzy for me. I can’t actually remember reading any of his works as a child, though I can’t actually remember reading much of the stufff I read in Elementary school. It’s like all those books just flew out the window. I know I read everything from Beverly Cleary to Goosebumps, and somewhere in there I’m sure was at least a Roald Dahl book. Was it Matilda? Perhaps. But at the cinema, his work has allowed for … Continue reading Matilda The musical

Glass Onion

Where I Watched it: Netflix Audio Description Provided By: International Digital Center Written by: Steven Christopher Narrated By: Jamie Lemcheck A few years back, Knives Out was all the rage and the hotness among film twitter. it had Oscar buzz, but really just managed a screenplay nomination. We are back, thanks to Netflix ordering two sequels, with Glass Onion, which once again is in the Oscar race, and very likely to again get a screenplay nomination. Knives Out wasn’t one of my favorite films from that year, though i did appreciate it. I can say that I think Glass Onion … Continue reading Glass Onion

I Believe In Santa

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes OK, so, I’m actually this far behind that my final Christmas film to review I got to two days after Christmas. It’s Ok. This film wasn’t great, and my grade is skewed because I had this weird experience that somehow made it better. Let me explain. First off, the movie does have a cute premise that would work if a real cast wanted to do it. A woman starts dating a man who believes in Santa. Cute. it could be. But, being blind, I have no idea who these people are. … Continue reading I Believe In Santa


Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Provided by: International Digital center Written By: Liz Gutman Narrated By: Sri Gordon I can’t tell you how many of the over 250 films I’ve seen and reviewed this year I knew next to nothing about. Often, I just get the little blurb that the streamer provides, and that’s probably the most problematic part of this film for me. I felt like it wasn’t what it was supposed to be, but I’m not sure that the filmmakers have any control over that. Descendant was marketed with the hook being about this slave … Continue reading Descendant

Bullet Train

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: yes i remember the unknown I had going into Snowpiercer. it was this film that wasn’t billed as a wide release, from a well-respected foreign director, and it felt like i was part of the beginning of something amazing. i still think Snowpiercer is a terrific film, easily one of my favorites, with an absolute bonkers performance from Tilda Swinton. TNT had to go and ruin the concept by spreading it over a TV show which is fine, but very much not the same quality. When I heard Bullet Train announced, … Continue reading Bullet Train

Christmas On mistletoe Farm

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: Yes It’s entirely possible that British people make better random Christmas movies than we do. There’s nothing really unique or special about this film, but it was oddly charming enough that I liked it. I know that’s not the case for some, but when you watch these random factory farmed Christmas films, you get a mixed bag. It’s amazing how many are released every year. Christmas is really a huge business. This Christmas throwaway features a man who inherits the titular farm, and moves his two small children out to this charming … Continue reading Christmas On mistletoe Farm

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: International Digital center There are still some things that I know are hard to translate to a blind audience, and i have yet to see a way of truly being able to explain why something like stop motion animation is so captivating to someone who has never seen stop motion animation. To them, animation is animation, or the story is the story. Often, a lot of the intricate details that go into these tireless stop motion features end up not being a part of anything we are able to experience, … Continue reading Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio