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Where I Watched it: Peacock English Audio Description?: Yes I should probably say that the answer to the question of “Who is your favorite actor?” For me is Brian Cox. I always think it’s important to be able to honestly address bias, because I walk into any Brian Cox film thinking I’m about to watch a genius at work. I’ve loved this man forever. I’d marry him if he could just promise to randomly perform Shakespeare in his Scottish accent every day. He’s a national, no, international treasure and it’s a crime that he’s not an Oscar nominee for a … Continue reading The Independent


Where I Watched it: Peacock English Audio Description Provided By: Three Play Media Narrated By: Olivia Willis i really walk into films sometimes just for the sake of reviewing something that has audio description that gives a point of reference to my blind and visually impaired readers. I didn’t know what this was. After the fact, I saw it’s shockingly low IMDB score (this thing is in the basement), which i suspected would be low since the film stars Shane West, which is not a starting point for success. It did however manage to wrangle Bruce Dern in the most … Continue reading Mid-Century