The Flagmakers

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus English Audio Description provided By Zoo Digital Narrated by Tanzi Alexander The Flagmakers is one of the lucky few films on the short list for Best Documentary Short, and it has the pleasure of being featured on Disney Plus. Although, if you’re asking me if I believe the members of the Documentary branch of the Academy care about Disney Plus… It’s a great find, in terms of a story the world knew nothing about. Make a film about the most American thing anyone could think of, and show the world that most of those … Continue reading The Flagmakers

Mr Malcolm’s List

Where I Watched It: iTunes English Audio Description Provided By: pixel logic Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander When this was floating around in theatres, I remember someone comparing this to Bridgerton. That’s a bit of a stretch. Bridgerton is much more about the tawdry details than this is, even if it does have some…. Oh. No. they meant Freida Pinto. Casting. They meant unconventional casting, which i suppose is now being solely attributed to Bridgerton? Now whenever we see non-white people in roles they wouldn’t have been offered fifty years ago, it’s the Bridgerton effect. And if it’s a musical, it’s … Continue reading Mr Malcolm’s List


Where I Watched It: Apple Plus English Audio Description Provided By: Pixel Logic Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander My review of Emancipation has no bearing in what occurred at last year’s Oscars. I am completely able to compartmentalize and not let things that do not have anything to do with this film, and the hundreds of people who worked on it, affect my enjoyment or lack thereof. Will Smith does not set the release dates for his films, nor does he choose whether or not to launch Oscar campaigns. If you find Will Smith to be too problematic to watch this … Continue reading Emancipation

God Forbid

Where I Watched it: Hulu English Audio Description Provided By: Point 360 Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Remember Jerry falwell Jr.? The scandal that brought down the head of Liberty University? Well, this is a documentary about that, but produced by Adam McKay, so it can’t just be a documentary about that. it has to be broad as hell. One of the things that works really well is that God Forbid creates a safe, credible environment for Giancarlo (the third man in that holy sandwich) to come forward and tell his story, in a reinforced and straight forward manner. If anything, … Continue reading God Forbid

The Swimmers

Where I Watched It: Netflix Audio Description Provided By: Post haste Digital Written By: William McDonaugh Narrated by: Tanzi Alexander Yes, the film is about Syrian refugees, and it also looks a bit like none of the actors in the film are stars, so you can be forgiven for thinking this might perhaps be Syria’s entry (or some other country) into the Oscar race. While the characters do speak a lot in their native tongue for the first act of the film, this is a journey of a movie that takes its leads into other countries, where they speak English. … Continue reading The Swimmers

The Night House

Where I Watched It: HBo MAX English Audio Description Provided By Deluxe Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Among the A24 communities online where fans of the distributor talk about cinema, but mostly just back and forth about A24 films, there’s a term used for films that could be mistaken for A24. it’s debatable what this means, but the term “It’s got A24 vibes” means that, basically, it’s artistic as fuck. What worked most against this film was that a lot of people had hyped this up. I saw some critics I respect on YouTube refer to this film as terrifying, and … Continue reading The Night House

The Conjuring: the Devil Made Me Do it

Where I Watched It: HBo MAX English Audio Description?: Yes Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Well, this series takes a sharp decline fast. This one does not care about building any kind of suspense. I’m not even sure it sets up a potential spin-off character like the Nun or Annabelle. it just kind of prolongs the franchise, and makes a cash grab. True, the second and third entries have better audio description, because this actually understands it’s a horror film and tries to translate what is scary about something into the description. It’s just, i didn’t find this film Scary. We … Continue reading The Conjuring: the Devil Made Me Do it

The Conjuring 2

Where I Watched It: HBo MAX Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Well, I’m making my way through this franchise. Finally. Halloween gives me the opportunity to catch up on horror titles i either avoided or missed. After being pleasantly surprised with the direction James Wan went with the first Conjuring film, I figured I was in store for more of the same. Not really. The first film worked so well because no one really knew what to be ready for, or what was ahead. He held the audiences anticipation, making you wait almost uncomfortably long for … Continue reading The Conjuring 2

The Mist

Where I Watched It: Netflix Audio Description By: Zoo Digital Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Yes, this is my first time viewing The mist. i was working in movie theatres at the time, and I could have easily seen this for free, but somehow or for some reason, I skipped over it. I believe it had a lot to do with the massive amount of product released around the holiday season, as I don’t remember this sticking around very long. Nonetheless, after sitting through some rather disturbing sounding sequences, I think if I had seen this creature feature, my mind would … Continue reading The Mist

Apocalypse Now Redux

Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander Francis Ford Coppola’s other extremely long classic epic finally got checked off my list. I didn’t put much thought into the “Redux” version, as it was the first time I was watching either version, and I just needed audio description. I figured this was a little different, but I had no idea this was almost an hour longer than the original. Good lord. And this thing is so dark and depressing, I can’t see myself wanting to jump back in to see the original cut even … Continue reading Apocalypse Now Redux