Where I Watched it: Peacock English Audio Description Provided By: Three Play Media Narrated By: Olivia Willis i really walk into films sometimes just for the sake of reviewing something that has audio description that gives a point of reference to my blind and visually impaired readers. I didn’t know what this was. After the fact, I saw it’s shockingly low IMDB score (this thing is in the basement), which i suspected would be low since the film stars Shane West, which is not a starting point for success. It did however manage to wrangle Bruce Dern in the most … Continue reading Mid-Century

Candyman (2021)

Starring: Yaya Abdul Mateen, Tiana Paris, Coleman Domingo, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Kyle Kamansky, and Vanessa Williams. Directed By: Nia Dacosta Where I Watched It: on Demand English Audio Description Available?: Yes Narration Written By: Christina Stephens and Matthew Christoffersen Narrated By: john Bentley The Plot: Following the trend of reboot/sequels, now lovingly called requels, Candyman takes the lore that has already been established by two theatrical ventures, and some straight to video, about a killer with a hook for a hand, who is also engulfed by bees, who likes to be called The Candyman, and if you look into a mirror … Continue reading Candyman (2021)

Candy man (1992)

Starring: Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Xander Berkeley, and Vanessa Williams. Directed By: Bernard Rose Where I Watched It: VOD English Audio Description Available?: Yes Narrated By: John. I’d love to attempt his last name, but i wouldn’t get close. I did use theadna.org to see if this has been uploaded, and it said no results. So, all I’ve got is a British dude named John. The Plot: As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of this horror classic, we look back at a time when a college student (Academy Award Nominee Virginia Madsen) investigates an urban legend for … Continue reading Candy man (1992)