Weekend Box Office: Pierce Brosnan Can’t Topple ‘Guardians’ or ‘Turtles’

Guardians Of The Galaxy took the opportunity of weak competition to have another fantastic weekend. It slid only 5% this weekend. Even Ninja Turtles only dropped 29%. This week is probably all about the holdovers and how well they did. Certainly no one can get excited about As Above So Below or The November Man.

As Above So Below scored a C- cinemascore, which is quite terrible. At least The November Man got a B+, despite an equally awful critical reception. Reviews haven’t hurt Lets Be Cops, which dropped only 24%, and continued to baffle critics by continuing to grow its box office.

When The Game Stands Tall dropped 32%, which was better than If I Stay (40%), and WAY better than Sin City, which dove 65% and fell out of the Top 10. It grossed less than spanish language entry Cantinflas, which is trying to follow the same pattern as last years super successful Instructions Not Included.

The Giver has been doing better, dipping only 18%, and The Hundred Foot Journey held well with a 13% drop.

In limited release, Jennifer Aniston opened Life Of Crime to a crappy 3K per screen average. Love Is Strange continued to do well, with a 9K PSA, and Begin Again expanded a bit more with a 2K PSA.

Ghostbusters also returned to 784 screens, with a 2K PSA, way better than Sin City’s $751 PSA.

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 16.3M Weekend, 274.6M Total

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 11.7M Weekend, 162.4M Total

3) If I Stay- 9.2M Weekend, 29.8M Total

4) As Above, So Below- 8.3M Weekend, 8.3M Total

5) Lets Be Cops- 8.2M Weekend, 57.3M Total

6) The November Man- 7.6M Weekend, 9.3M Total

7) When The Game Stands Tall- 5.6M Weekend, 16.3M Total

8) The Giver- 5.2M Weekend, 31.5M Total

9) The Hundred Foot Journey- 4.6M Weekend, 39.3M Total

10) The Expendables 3- 3.5M Weekend, 33.1M Total

11) Lucy- 2.6M Weekend, 117.7M Total

12) Cantinflas- 2.6M Weekend, 2.6M Total

13) Into The Storm- 2.5M Weekend, 41.9M Total

14) Sin City: A Dame To Die For- 2.1M Weekend, 10.7M Total

??) Ghostbusters- 1.6M Weekend, 1.6M Total

??) Magic In The Moonlight- 0.8M Weekend, 8M Total

??) Begin Again- 0.7M Weekend, 16.3M Total

??) Chef- 0.6M Weekend, 30.2M Total

??) Calvary- 0.5M Weekend, 2.3M Total

??) What If- 0.3M Weekend, 2.8M Total

??) Love Is Strange- 0.2M Weekend, 0.4M Total

??) Life Of Crime- 99K Weekend, 99K Total

??) Starred Up- 11K Weekend, 11K Total




Where Should ‘Longmire’ Go Next?

Now that A&E has inexplicably cancelled Longmire, which is its highest rated scripted show, other networks are now able to pick up what should be a no-brainer. So, in an effort to help these networks decide, I’ve compiled a list of where Longmire should (and shouldn’t) go.

ABC: Probably not the best fit for their “brand”.

NBC: I could see Longmire on NBC, plus with NBC making a push for more summer shows, Longmire could make the unprecedented jump from cable to network as part of NBC’s new summer lineup. It’s not the best fit, and would have to tone it down on Network TV, but it could work.

CBS: For many of the same reasons it could work on NBC, are the same reasons it could work on CBS, with the added benefit that CBS typically skews older (like Longmire).

FOX/The CW: It’s not really right for either network.

TNT: I could definitely see Longmire on TNT. They’ve have pretty good success launching shows, like Falling Skies, The Last Ship, Franklin and Bash, and Rizzoli and Isles over the summer, so it’s possible that they could add Longmire to that list.

USA: They usually choose flashier shows. Longmire would be really dark for them, but they also have a lot of shows with strong lead characters, which Longmire DOES have. I think USA should at least consider this option.

A&E: Yeah, they cancelled it, but we all make mistakes. It’s possible that the outcry could cause A&E to reevaluate their cancellation. It’s a rare occurance, but it has worked before.

WGN: They’re trying to make a name for themselves with Salem and Manhattan. Longmire is an established product that could bring new eyes.

AMC: Longmire is exactly the type of show that AMC could air, but is AMC really in the “saving”  business? They have had a problem launching new hits recently, and with Mad Men and Breaking Bad ending, AMC really only has The Walking Dead. Maybe they need a new franchise?

AMAZON: Amazon is reviving The Tick, so they are now in the business of reviving product that isn’t original. Is Longmire a big draw for them, streaming?

HULU: Hulu could have saved Community, and they didn’t. I doubt they save Longmire.

NETFLIX: Netflix is probably the best bet for saving Longmire. They have the money to do it, and can benefit from a streaming deal for the first three seasons. Plus, they saved The Killing, so there’s a history here of doing similar tasks.

One thing is certain. Longmire should be saved. I don’t know why A&E cancelled it, except that it wasn’t an in-house production. Someone will come along, it’s only a matter of time.

The Tick

Amazon Revives ‘The Tick’

I don’t know why this isn’t bigger news, but Amazon is planning a revival of The Tick, and they’re doing it in a big way. The show originally ran for 9 episodes in 2001, but Amazon has decided to bring the show back… thirteen years later. The big news here, is that Patrick Warburton, who originally played The Tick, is slated to reprise his role in this revival.

Emmy Winners

Honestly? I didn’t watch the Emmy’s tonight. I’ve lost all hope that the Emmy voters have any idea who to vote for. The nominations are silly. And, oh look, Breaking Bad swept the drama category. Oh, hey, Modern Family won… again.

Breaking Bad has already won the Emmy for Best Drama series (last year). Anna Gunn won last year. Aaron Paul won two years ago. He won the year before that. Bryan Cranston won that year too. Cranston also won in 2009, and 2008. Bryan Cranston has now won 4 Emmys for playing Walter White, Aaron Paul has won three, and Anna Gunn has won two. Yay for diversity!

Julianna Marguilies won her second Emmy for her role in The Good Wife tonight. Jim Parsons won his fourth Emmy tonight for his role in The Big Bang Theory. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won her third Emmy for Veep. Modern Family won its fifth straight Emmy for Best Series, and Ty Burrell won his second Emmy tonight.


How can we take this seriously if you just keep giving awards to the same people every year? Yes, they are giving great performances, but there are other actors giving great performances every year too.

And Martin Freeman won for Sherlock? Good for him for winning his first Emmy, but he beat out Matt Bomer and Joe Mantello from The Normal Heart. I guess vote splitting worked out for Freeman. Jessica Lange won her second American Horror Story Emmy award.

Oh! And The Amazing Race won another Emmy! WOW! SO DIVERSE!

So disappointed in the Emmy’s this year. They need to get in touch with reality.

BEST DRAMA: Breaking Bad

BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA: Julianna Marguilies, The Good Wife



BEST COMEDY: Modern Family

BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

BEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep



BEST TV MOVIE: The Normal Heart


ACTOR IN A MINISERIES/MOVIE: Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock

ACTRESS IN A MINISERIES/MOVIE: Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Coven


SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A MINI/MOVIE: Kathy Bates, American Horror Story: Coven



True Blood

A Farewell To True Blood

I watched the series finale of True Blood tonight, and the big question on everyones mind going in was whether or not Sookie and Bill would end up together. Honestly? There were parts of the finale that led me to believe that what was happening to Bill was that he was becoming human again. Could Sookie’s fairy blood mixed with Hep V actually be turning Bill human? He was turning warm… she could hear his thoughts… maybe Bill and Sookie could have their happily ever after?


Jessica and Hoyt got married.

Jason got his happy ending with Bridget. Three kids!

Sam has his family with kids.

Eric and Pam got rich. Sarah got to live… sort of.

Special appearances by Gram, Willa, and Steve Newlin.

What did Sookie get? Some random bearded guy. We never even see his face. Basically everyone got their happy ending. I suppose, Bill got what he wanted with death. But imagine if he had been able to be with Sookie, as a human, while raising a family with her. Missed opportunities.

I’ve seen every episode of True Blood, from the beginning. I’ve loved Tara, Lafayette, Arlene, Hoyt, Jason, Eric, Pam, Sam, Holly, and everyone since the beginning. I’m sad that it’s gone, and I’m even sadder that Sookie and Bill had this ending.

Thanks for the good times, True Blood.

Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Weekend Box Office: ‘Guardians’ Rises To The Top, ‘Sin City’ Flops

We are officially in the slump of the season. If I Stay was the only new release that did well. When The Game Stands Tall did what it was expected to do, but Sin City was a huge flop.

Next weekend, the releases are awful. The November Man is getting terrible reviews, and As Above So Below will be lucky to do 10-12M… which might be enough to take 1st place. The following weekend has one new release, from Freestyle Releasing, so you can understand how dire it is.

Love Is Strange managed a 25K per screen average, which is really good. The One I Love did pretty good, with a 6K average.

Of the holdovers, Guardians only dropped 29%, TMNT dipped 41%, Lets Be Cops held well with 38%, and The Hundred Foot Journey dropped 22%. The Expendables 3 dove 58%, not great for a film already struggling.

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 17.6M Weekend, 251.8M Total

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 16.8M Weekend, 145.6M Total

3) If I Stay- 16.3M Weekend, 16.3M Total

4) Lets Be Cops- 11M Weekend, 45.2M Total

5) When The Game Stands Tall- 9M Weekend, 9M Total

6) The Giver- 6.7M Weekend, 24.1M Total

7) The Expendables 3- 6.6M Weekend, 27.5M Total

8) Sin City: A Dame To Kill For- 6.4M Weekend, 6.4M Total

9) The Hundred Foot Journey- 5.5M Weekend, 32.7M Total

10) Into The Storm- 3.8M Weekend, 38.3M Total

11) Lucy- 3.5M Weekend, 113.7M Total

12) Boyhood- 1.8M Weekend, 16.5M Total

13) Magic In The Moonlight- 1.3M Weekend, 6.8M Total

14) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 1.1M Weekend, 203.9M Total

15) Get On Up- 0.9M Weekend, 28.7M Total

??) What If- 0.6M Weekend, 2.2M Total

??) Calvary- 0.5M Weekend, 1.6M Total

??) Love Is Strange- 127K Weekend, 127K Total

??) The One I Love- 55K Weekend, 55K Total

Richard Attenborough

RIP Richard Attenborough

Oscar Winner Richard Attenborough has passed away at the age of 90. He’s probably best remembered for playing John Hammond in Jurassic Park, but his career spans so much more than that. He’s starred in classic films like The Great Escape and the most recent remake of A Miracle On 34th Street. He also directed classics like A Bridge Too Far, Gandhi, A Chorus Line, Cry Freedom, Chaplin, and Shadowlands.



Friday Box Office: Nevermind, ‘Sin City’ Is A Huge Bomb

Looks like Guardians is going to reposition in first place. If I Stay was projected by some to go over 20M, but I never projected that. I did think Sin City was going to do much better, but no one predicted the MASSIVE flop it would be. 7M opening weekend? That’s terrible. Lets Be Cops is holding well, but The Expendables 3 is dive bombing.

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 4.8M Friday, 17.5M Weekend

2) If I Stay- 6.8M Friday, 16M Weekend

3) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 4.5M Friday, 16M Weekend

4) Lets Be Cops- 3.2M Friday, 10.5M Weekend

5) When The Game Stands Tall- 2.9M Friday, 9M Weekend

6) Sin City: A Dame To Kill For- 2.6M Friday, 7M Weekend

7) The Giver- 2M Friday, 6.5M Weekend

8) The Expendables 3- 1.8M Friday, 6M Weekend

9) The Hundred Foot Journey- 1.5M Friday, 6M Weekend

10) Into The Storm- 1M Friday, 3.5M Weekend

World's Greatest Dad

This Week’s Anniversaries

What a crappy weekend for anniversaries. This is the 25th anniversary for Little Monsters, the 1989 family flick starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel. Props for maintaining a 6.0 on IMDB, but it has no Rotten Tomatoes score, and made less than a million dollars at the domestic box office.

It’s the 20th Anniversary for Color Of Night, the Bruce Willis flop that made 19M at the box office, has a 5.0 on IMDB, and a 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. It opened against Blankman and Andre, with both faring worse. Blankman didn’t even crack the top 10, and Andre finished 10th. Blankman has a 13% RT and Andre has 47%, faring the best of the trio.

15 Years Ago, Hugh Grant dropped Mickey Blue Eyes upon the world, and it opened in 3rd with 10.1M. It went on to do an alright 33.8M. A 5.8 on IMDB and a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes suggest it is not a timeless classic.

This is the 10th Anniversary of Exorcist: The Beginning, which opened in 1st with 18M. It eventually made 78M worldwide. Also opening was Without A Paddle, which opened to 13.5 in 2nd place, and finished with 58.1M domestically. This week is more notable for indie hit Mean Creek, which started with a 7K per screen average, and made 600K in its run. Mean Creek has a 7.3 on IMDB, and a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s also currently on Netflix Streaming, if you feel like celebrating an anniversary.

Finally, five years ago, a memorable movie opened. Academy Award Winning Inglourious Basterds turns five this weekend. It opened in 1st with 38M, eventually making 120M domestic, and 321M worldwide. An 8.3 on IMDB gives it the #101 slot on IMDB’s Top 250, and an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes helps. The film won an Oscar for Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor, and was nominated for 8 total Oscars, including Best Picture.

Also turning five this weekend is the late Robin Williams’s masterpiece Worlds Greatest Dad, which opened in very limited release during this frame. It only made 221K domestically, but a lot of people have found it since release. The film has a 7.0 on IMDB, and an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Box Office Predictions: ‘Sin City’ MIGHT Win This One

1) Sin City: A Dame To Kill For- 18M Weekend, 18M Total

For a victory that no one can get excited about, Sin City is looking to barely walk away with a win on a relatively slow weekend. I don’t think any film will hit 20M, but Sin City might come close. Of course, it might also tank like Expendables 3 did. The first Sin City only opened to 29M, and didn’t even break 100M domestically. Plus, it’s been NINE YEARS, actually a longer gap than the 300 franchise had. Add that to the unimpressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 47% (the first one was fresh), and you’ve got yourselves a disappointment on your hands.

2) If I Stay- 16M Weekend, 16M Total

A solid marketing campaign will help If I Stay, but reviews have been mixed. It’s not The Fault In Our Stars, and the book is not nearly the phenomenon. There is a scenario where Sin City flops even harder, and If I Stay becomes a breakthrough smash hit. But, with The Giver still in theatres as an option for teens, and box office in general starting to decline, If I Stay might be stuck at 16M.

3) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 15M Weekend, 250M Total

Guardians and Turtles have been virtually neck and neck midweek, signaling a declining interest in Turtles, and a stronger interest in Guardians. That will show this weekend when Guardians passes Turtles, which had a hard drop last weekend.

4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 13M Weekend, 143M Total

Still, a respectable amount.

5) Lets Be Cops- 9M Weekend, 44M Total

A drop of about 50% would put the poorly reviewed comedy at 9M for the weekend. The thing is… none of the new releases are comedies, so even though reviews haven’t been kind, it’s the only comedy in the marketplace. Lack of competition will keep it in the top 5 this weekend.

6) When The Game Stands Tall- 8M Weekend, 8M Total

No one is expecting much from this football drama. Jim Caveziel is not a big draw, but might be bigger now that he has a few seasons of Person Of Interest under his belt. Still, sports dramas this year haven’t fared well (Million Dollar Arm, Draft Day), and there’s no reason to suggest this will do any better.

7) The Expendables 3- 7M Weekend, 28M Total

This epic flop will drop 55-60% this weekend, saved a bit by a decent cinemascore.

8) The Giver- 6M Weekend, 24M Total

With competition from If I Stay, The Giver will drop at least 50%. Could be more…

9) The Hundred Foot Journey- 4.5M Weekend, 32M Total

10) Into The Storm- 4M Weekend, 39M Total

11) Lucy- 3M Weekend, 114M Total

12) Boyhood- 2M Weekend, 16M Total


AMC Shockingly Renews ‘Halt and Catch Fire’, More Renewals

I didn’t see this coming. Apparently the show has good DVR ratings. AMC has renewed Halt and Catch Fire for a second season, coming back next summer.

MTV has also picked up summer drama Finding Carter for a second season. FX has renewed The Strain for a second season. Hulu has picked up The Awesomes for a third season. Sundance has renewed Rectify for a third season. BBC has picked up Happy Valley for a second season.

The Killing

The Killing: Season 2

About two weeks ago, I announced the daunting task of binge watching all of the Killing, in an effort to get through the most recent fourth season. I finally finished Season 2, which is a bit more bumpy than Season 1, but ultimately provides an excellent partner to the first season, because it fleshed out characters, and allowed for even greater performances.

After 26 episodes, I can say I now have a newfound interest and respect in Brent Sexton as an actor. His season two role was handled even better than the first season, and we finally saw him mourn the loss of Rosie. I’m ashamed that his performance was overlooked. He stood out above the rest of the stellar cast, for me. Mirelle Enos and Joel Kinnaman are both terrific. I can’t believe Kinnaman decided to do Robocop… he’s so much better than that.

Michelle Forbes, Billy Campbell, Kristen Lehman, and Eric Ladin all had their moments in the sun. It might not have been the season of dynamic storytelling, but it was the season of excellent acting and compelling character development. Truly, I’ve never seen Billy Campbell deliver such a nuanced performance. I’ve always thought of him as a bit of a fluff piece, even on Once and Again. Here, he really puts all the naysayers to shame.

An uneven season bolstered by the work of the actors. I’m a little afraid to venture into the third season, knowing I won’t be seeing most of these faces again, though I hope maybe they’ll find a reason to check in on them again sometime before The Killing closes its doors for good.

And for what it’s worth, I did not see Rosie’s killer coming, and the reveal made it so much better having had to wait for it that long.



Weekend Box Office: ‘Turtles’ and ‘Guardians’ Defeat All

Ninja Turtles led the weekend again dropping a predictable 56%. Guardians of the Galaxy held well, dropping only 41%. That helped both holdovers beat three newbies this weekend.

Lets Be Cops did the best, and had the best per screen average. However, it has the weakest cinemascore of the three new entries, which could signal a short lifespan. It only got a B, while The Expendables 3 got an A-, and The Giver got a B+.

Also, huge kudos to The Hundred Foot Journey which only dipped 35% in week 2. Boyhood almost cracked the Top 10, in only 771 screens. Calvary continues to do well, with a 3K PSA (higher than Into The Storm or Lucy), and What If disappointed in an expansion, failing to crack even the Top 15.

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 28.4M Weekend, 117.6M Total

2) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 23.5M Weekend, 222.2M Total

3) Lets Be Cops- 17.7M Weekend, 26.1M Total

4) The Expendables 3- 16.2M Weekend, 16.2M Total

5) The Giver- 12.8M Weekend, 12.8M Total

6) Into The Storm- 7.7M Weekend, 31.3M Total

7) The Hundred Foot Journey- 7.1M Weekend, 23.6M Total

8) Lucy- 5.3M Weekend, 107.5M Total

9) Step Up All In- 2.4M Weekend, 11.5M Total

10) Hercules- 2M Weekend, 68.1M Total

11) Boyhood- 1.9M Weekend, 13.6M Total

12) Get On Up- 1.9M Weekend, 27M Total

13) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 1.9M Weekend, 201.8M Total

14) Magic In The Moonlight- 1.8M Weekend, 4.7M Total

15) A Most Wanted Man- 1.2M Weekend, 12.6M Total

17) What If- 0.8M Weekend, 1M Total

??) Calvary- 0.4M Weekend, 0.8M Total


Uncle Buck

This Week’s Anniversaries

John Candy’s classic Uncle Buck turns 25 this week. The film opened in first place with 8.9M in 1989, and also helped to launch the careers of Macaulay Culkin and Gaby Hoffman. Uncle Buck went on to gross 66.7M and was the 18th highest grossing film of 1989. Critics give it a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences give it a 6.9 on IMDB. Even People did a retrospective in honor of its 25th Anniversary.

This is the 20th anniversary of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, which opened in limited release with a fantastic 31K per screen average. Priscilla went on to gross 11.2M at the box office, and won an Oscar for Costume Design. It helped to launch the careers of Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving, and Terence Stamp. Critics loved it, with a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences liked it with 7.5 on IMDB. The film would later be adapted into a Broadway musical.

15 years ago, Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin teamed up for Bowfinger, which launched in second place with 18M. It went on to make 66.3M. Critics liked it, with an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences didn’t quite get it, with a 6.4 on IMDB. Adjusted for inflation, this would be a 100M hit.

This is the 10th Anniversary of Alien Vs Predator, which topped the charts with 38.2M. AVP didn’t have legs, however, and left theatres with only 80M domestic, and 92M foreign. A sequel was made, but it didn’t come close to even the first one. It remains the highest grossing Predator entry, but only the 3rd highest Alien. Critics hated it, with 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences give it a 5.5 on IMDB.

This is the 5th Anniversary of District 9 (Already five years old. Shocking, right?). The sci-fi epic launched to 37.3M in 1st place, on its way to 115M domestic, and 210M worldwide. Even with that box office, it was only the 27th highest grossing film of 2009. District 9 managed a Best Picture nomination, as well as Adapted Screenplay, Editing, and Visual Effects. Critics give it a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences give it an 8.0 on IMDB.

And for you anime fans, this is also the 5th Anniversary of the American release of Ponyo, which didn’t translate well here. It opened in 9th place with 3.5M, on its way to a disappointing gross of 15M domestic. However, it should be noted that Ponyo did extremely well overseas, and has a worldwide gross of 201M. Ponyo was adored by critics at 92%, and audiences enjoyed it to with a 7.7 on IMDB.


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