Box Office Predictions: The Future Of ‘Tomorrowland’ Is #1

Tomorrowland, despite mixed reviews, will win the weekend. It just won’t be a huge sweeping victory. Tomorrowland is targeting families with a PG rating, but many critics don’t think the film is quite the crowd pleaser it’s aiming to be. With strong reviews for other entries in the marketplace, namely Mad Max 2, Pitch Perfect 2, and Avengers, Tomorrowland will remain the top choice mainly for families with small children. Pitch Perfect 2, being a crowd-pleasing comedy, should drop about half in week 2, with Tomorrowland and Poltergeist not being direct competitors. Mad Max may not drop 50% due to the strong word of mouth it has. Mad Max has even pulled ahead of PP2 mid-week. Avengers should dip about 50%, and Poltergeist is looking to come close to a 20M opening, but again reviews will hamper the film from scaring up too much of an audience.

1) Tomorrowland- 40M Weekend, 40M Total
2) Pitch Perfect 2- 35M Weekend, 125M Total
3) Mad Max: Fury Road- 25M Weekend, 90M Total
4) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 20M Weekend, 404M Total
5) Poltergeist- 18M Weekend, 18M Total
6) Hot Pursuit- 3M Weekend, 28.5M Total
7) Furious 7- 2M Weekend, 347M Total
8) Paul Blart 2- 2M Weekend, 66M Total
9) Ex Machina- 1.5M Weekend, 22M Total
10) Home- 1.5M Weekend, 167M Total

Weekend Box Office: ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ A No Contest Victor

Two movies entered the marketplace this weekend, both with good reviews, and both highly anticipated. Surprise surprise, the PG-13 sequel won the weekend… by a lot. Not that Mad Max: Fury Road disappointed. It actually debuted really well, especially for a 2nd place debut. Even Avengers did really well in third place. Hot Pursuit fell apart though. That’s almost a 60% drop in week two… for a comedy. Unusual. And it looks like Far From The Madding Crowd broke into the top 10. Congrats! Next weekend, Tomorrowland makes its impact, and Poltergeist aims to scare some people into buying tickets.

1) Pitch Perfect 2- 69M Weekend Estimate, 69M Total
2) Mad Max: Fury Road- 44M Weekend Estimate, 44M Total
3) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 38M Weekend Estimate, 372M Total
4) Hot Pursuit- 5.7M Weekend, 23.4M Total
5) Paul Blart 2- 3.6M Weekend, 62.9M Total
6) Furious 7- 3.6M Weekend, 343.7M Total
7) Age Of Adaline- 3.3M Weekend, 37M Total
8) Home- 2.7M Weekend, 165.5M Total
9) Ex Machina- 2.1M Weekend, 19.5M total
10)Far From The Madding Crowd- 1.2M Weekend, 2.6M Total

Box Office Predictions: Will The Box Get ‘Pitch’ Slapped, Or Is It ‘Mad’?

Mad Max is getting more screens, but Pitch Perfect 2 has a PG-13 rating. Mad Max: Fury Road has been getting an almost disturbing amount of good reviews. The film currently has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. And no, that’s not from just a handful of reviews. 95 out of 96 critics have LOVED Mad Max: Fury Road. That’s the kind of buzz that could send Mad Max over the top this weekend, as it and Pitch Perfect 2 are both predicted to be very close. Hell, even Pitch Perfect 2 has a 76%, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Avengers will have to settle for third place. This is a very interesting weekend, and it should come down to a very close battle between two well reviewed flicks.

1) Pitch Perfect 2- 44M Weekend, 44M Total
2) Mad Max: Fury Road- 42M Weekend, 42M Total
3) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 35M Weekend, 370M Total
4) Hot Pursuit- 6.5M Weekend, 24.5M Total
5) Age Of Adaline- 3.5M Weekend, 37M Total
6) Furious 7- 3M Weekend, 343M Total
7) Paul Blart 2- 3M Weekend, 62M Total
8) Ex Machina- 2.5M Weekend, 20M Total
9) Home- 2M Weekend, 165M Total
10) Woman In Gold- 1M Weekend, 29M Total

Weekend Box Office: Reese Loses The ‘Pursuit’ Of An Audience

Hot Pursuit and The-D Train both bombed this weekend. Hot Pursuit had been tracking at 20M on the low end, and ended up with 13.3M and a C+ cinemascore. Look for this to fade fast from theatres, especially as Pitch Perfect 2 soaks up the women next weekend. The D-Train was bought for 3M and only got a 400 PSA. That’s a flop. However, next weekend, Avengers will have to face Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2, both of which are tracking at 40M. It could shove Avengers to third. There will be a very close race for the top 3, with all three performing well.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 77.2M Weekend, 312.8M Total
2) Hot Pursuit- 13.3M Weekend, 13.3M Total
3) Age Of Adaline- 5.6M Weekend, 31.5M Total
4) Furious 7- 5.2M Weekend, 338.4M Total
5) Paul Blart 2- 5.1M Weekend, 58.1M Total
6) Ex Machina- 3.4M Weekend, 15.7M Total
7) Home- 3M Weekend, 162.1M Total
8) Woman In Gold- 1.6M Weekend, 26.9M Total
9) Cinderella- 1.5M Weekend, 196.2M Total
10) Unfriended- 1.4M Weekend, 30.9M Total
??) Far From The Madding Crowd- 0.7M Weekend, 1M Total
??) The Water Diviner- 0.5M Weekend, 3.2M Total
??) The D-Train- 0.4M Weekend, 0.4M Total
??) Maggie- 131K Weekend, 131K Total

FOX Cancels ‘Mindy’, Will Hulu Save It?

I remember when Hulu was supposed to save Happy Endings, so I’m not holding my breath. However, FOX recently informed third season comedy The Mindy Project that it would not be getting a fourth season. Rumors immediately swirled that the show was in talks with Hulu for a two-season pickup. Since Hulu doesn’t do 22 episode seasons, it’s likely that the “two seasons” is because Mindy is used to shooting more than 10-13 episodes a season, so they can essentially produce “two seasons” worth of episodes for Hulu in what would amount to a single season normally on FOX.

Just in case you’re wondering why a cancelled sitcom would be trying to get a “two season” pickup at Hulu.

Box Office Predictions: ‘Avengers’ Lead The ‘Hot Pursuit’

There is no world in which the Avengers don’t rule their second weekend at the box office. Hot Pursuit won’t even come close to dethroning the Avengers, which will still likely drop at least 60% in week two. Hot Pursuit is targeting the Mother’s Day crowd (I for one have been asked by my mother to take her to that movie on Mothers Day, so the strategy is working). Also, Age Of Adaline might have a softer drop because of Mothers Day, as well as Woman in Gold and even Far From The Madding Crowd (which is expanding into 99 screens). Jack Black’s The D-Train is opening in about 1,000 screens, with very limited buzz. Neither Hot Pursuit or The D-Train are positive on Rotten Tomatoes, which could keep both from flying too high this weekend. Also opening in limited release is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s buzzy Maggie.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 80M Weekend, 323M Total
2) Hot Pursuit- 24M Weekend, 24M Total
3) Furious 7- 4M Weekend, 337M Total
4) Ex Machina- 3.5M Weekend, 16M Total
5) Age Of Adaline- 3.5M Weekend, 30M total
6) Paul Blart 2- 3M Weekend, 56M Total
7) Home- 2M Weekend, 161M Total
8) Woman In Gold- 1.5M Weekend, 27M Total
9) The D-Train- 1.5M Weekend, 1.5M Total
10) Unfriended- 1M Weekend, 31M Total
11) Far From The Madding Crowd- 1M weekend, 1.5M Total

Weekend Box Office: ‘Avengers’ Stand Tall, Even Without Beating The Record

Avengers won its first weekend, and like Furious 7, it should remain on top for a few weeks. Next weekend, Hot Pursuit and The D Train aren’t going to put up a big enough fight. For its third weekend, Avengers will face Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2, and that will be a closer race. By that point, Avengers should be down to around a 40-45M weekend, which is beatable… but with two strong new releases, it’s more likely that all three films will fall between 30-40M and split the weekend pretty evenly. If it wins that weekend, Avengers will definitely lose to Tomorrowland in its fourth weekend.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 191.2M Weekend, 191.2M Total
2) Furious 7- 6.6M Weekend, 331.0M Total
3) The Age Of Adaline- 6.2M Weekend, 33.3M Total
4) Paul Blart 2- 5.8M Weekend, 51.5M Total
5) Home- 3.4M Weekend, 158.3M Total
6) Cinderella- 2.7M Weekend, 194M Total
7) Ex Machina- 2.2M Weekend, 10.9M Total
8) Unfriended- 2.2M Weekend, 28.7M Total
9) The Longest Ride- 1.7M Weekend, 33.2M Total
10) Woman In Gold- 1.6M Weekend, 24.5M Total
11) Monkey Kingdom- 1.2M Weekend, 12.5M Total
12) Get Hard- 1.1M Weekend, 86.2M Total
13) Insurgent- 0.9M Weekend, 126.4M Total
14) Little Boy- 0.8M Weekend, 4.2M Total
15) The Water Diviner- 0.6M Weekend, 2.3M Total
??) While We’re Young- 439K Weekend, 6.4M Total
??) Clouds Of Sils Maria- 261K Weekend, 870K Total
??) Danny Collins- 218K Weekend, 5.1M Total
??) True Story- 180K Weekend, 4.3M Total
??) Far From The Madding Crowd- 164K Weekend, 164K Total

ABC (Basically) Cancels Revenge

EW has scooped that the May 10th “Season Finale” of Revenge is now a “Series Finale” as ABC has opted not to go forward with a fifth season of the show. Honestly, after such low ratings, and losing a few major characters this season, a fifth season would have been a wash. What was once a promising sudsy drama will now go out in a fart of glory. RIP Amanda Clarke, or Emily Thorne, whoever you choose to be from now on.

Box Office Predictions: ‘Avengers’ On Track To Set A Record

The Avengers sequel is tracking to dethrone the original Avengers as the top opener of all time. The first one made 207.3M, and Ultron is tracking as high as 230M by some estimates. That’s a super aggressive prediction. It likely won’t go that high, but it should slide past the original by a few million. There’s virtually no competition in theatres. Fandango has its fan tracking at 100%, which is pretty incredible. That means everyone is aware the film is coming out this week, and 4/5ths of the audience are planning on seeing the film opening weekend. The other 1/5th is probably realizing how jam packed those theatres will be, and will come out in week 2. Week 2, by the way, could also easily be almost 100M (if not 100M). Next weekend sees the release of Hot Pursuit, the counter-programming comedy with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. Expectations aren’t too high, and Hot Pursuit will settle for 2nd place no matter what.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 215M Weekend, 215M Total
2) Furious 7- 10M Weekend, 334M Total
3) Paul Blart 2- 8M Weekend, 53M Total
4) Age Of Adaline- 7M Weekend, 24M Total
5) Home- 5M Weekend, 160M Total
6) Ex Machina- 4M Weekend, 13M Total
7) Unfriended- 3M Weekend, 30M Total
8) Get Hard- 2M Weekend, 87M Total
9) Monkey Kingdom- 2M Weekend, 13M Total
10) Woman In Gold- 2M Weekend, 25M Total

Box Office Predictions: ‘Furious 7′ Just Might Win Again

Furious 7 will defeat the weak newcomer Adaline in the final week before Avengers completely and totally takes over the box office. In case you can’t figure out what next week will look like, those paltry numbers below are pretty certain to drop in half, meaning that Furious 7 will come in second place to Avengers with about 7-8M, while Avengers is likely to make 200M in 3 days. When the rest of the top 10 (beyond Furious 7) might collectively make about 20-25M next weekend. This weekend is just kind of like the calm before the storm. Catch up on a movie you wanted to see, but haven’t yet. Ex Machina expands into wide release this week after doing really well in limited release, and getting good reviews. It’s the sleeper hit that could.

1) Furious 7- 15M Weekend, 317M Total
2) The Age Of Adaline- 13M Weekend, 13M Total
3) Paul Blart 2- 10M Weekend, 38M Total
4) Unfriended- 7M Weekend, 26M Total
5) Home-6M Weekend, 151M Total
6) Ex Machina- 5M Weekend, 7M Total
7) The Longest Ride- 4M Weekend, 30M Total
8) Little Boy-3.5M Weekend, 3.5M Total
9) Woman In Gold- 3.5M Weekend, 21M Total
10) Get Hard- 3M Weekend, 83M Total

Box Office Predictions: ‘Furious 7′ Will Continue To Lead 4 Newcomers

1) Furious 7- 29M Weekend, 294M Total
2) Paul Blart 2- 20M Weekend, 20M Total
3) Unfriended- 13M Weekend, 13M Total
4) Home- 12M Weekend, 144M Total
5) The Longest Ride- 7.5M Weekend, 24M Total
6) Get Hard- 5M Weekend, 78M Total
7) Monkey Kingdom- 5M Weekend, 5M Total
8) Cinderella- 4.5M Weekend, 187M Total
9) Woman In Gold- 4.5M Weekend, 16M Total
10) Insurgent- 4M Weekend, 120M Total
11) True Story- 2M Weekend, 2M Total
12) Child 44- 1.5M Weekend, 1.5M Total

My Bubble Show Predictions

Lets see how many of these I can get right.

American Idol- FOX is gonna stick with this at least another season. It’s down, sure, but it’s not out.
Backstrom- FOX loves the shows creator, but ratings aren’t strong enough. Cancel.
Bones- The only hold up here is cast negotiations. If the leads are done, so is the show. I would be very surprised if they just left the show without a proper farewell tour. Next season might be the last.
The Following- This is a tough one. It has lost a ton of buzz since Season 1. I think FOX is going to let this go, in favor of trying to find another Empire. Three seasons and done.
The Mindy Project- FOX loves this show, critics love this show. I think FOX is actually going to stick with this.
Weird Loners- They won’t stick with this though.
Mulaney- Or this.

American Crime/Secrets and Lies- Word on the street is that they are planning on turning at least one of these into a “True Detective” type show, where we investigate a different crime each season. Because of that, I can only see one series surviving. American Crime has better reviews, but Secrets and Lies might keep Juliette Lewis around as the main cop (ala The Killing). It’s really a toss up, but my prediction is that only one survives.
Castle- Like Bones, they’re waiting on cast contracts. The cast has been tweeting some really “show ending” type pictures and tokens of appreciation. They seem to think it’s the end, but ABC loves Castle. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will get a raise, and re-sign.
Galavant- I think this is dead. There’s a very small chance it lives, but… probably dead.
Fresh Off The Boat- Much to the chagrin of the original creator of the project, this will live on.
Cristela- I’m betting ABC is axing Cristela.
Last Man Standing- It might sneak another season. It’s a fairly solid performer on Fridays, and has already been running long enough to remain invested in its syndication.
Agents Of Shield- They’re planning another spinoff. It would be weird if they cancelled the original prior to the spinoff, so I’m betting a third season is a sure thing.
Agent Carter- I’m guessing this will come down to how solid the plans are for the spinoff, but I’d guess Agent Carter also lives to see another day.
Resurrection- This is dead. Sorry.
Revenge- This probably SHOULD die, but it’ll get a shortened order for a final season.
Nashville- ABC is high on this brand, and syndication is on the horizon. I’m guessing ABC sticks with Nashville another season, but I’m projecting a timeslot change… possibly to Fridays… where no one cares how it performs.
The Middle- An underdog, true, but a solid performer. This will come back, even if one of the kids doesn’t.

Battle Creek- Despite the pedigree of the creators of the show (who made Breaking Bad and House), this show isn’t pulling its weight. CBS has much stronger shows, and Battle Creek will die.
Blue Bloods- All signs point toward renewal, as of right now.
CSI/CSI Cyber- CSI Cyber won’t be renewed if CSI isn’t. They’ll either let the series die altogether, but they won’t greenlight the limping spinoff on its own. The original CSI, if it is renewed, might have a shortened season again. Star Ted Danson needs a new contract.
Elementary- Ratings are down, but this isn’t out yet. Syndication is a powerful beast.
The Good Wife- Emmy nominations and critical acclaim keep this alive.
Hawaii Five-O- Might be the shocking cancellation of the upfronts.
The McCarthys- Dead.
The Odd Couple- This truly will come down to pilots. I think CBS might stick with this another season. The ratings aren’t terrible, and with some tweaking before next season, they could turn this into a hit.
Stalker- I can’t see CBS renewing this.
Person Of Interest- If they stick with CSI/CSI Cyber, I don’t think there’s enough space for them to also stick with Person of Interest… and get some fresh blood. This is very much in danger.

Hart Of Dixie- This is dead.
iZombie- Despite renewing almost every single show, the CW is also going to stick with iZombie.

About A Boy/Undateable- NBC is likely to return only one of their sitcoms for next season. It’ll either be Undateable or About A Boy. They’ll try again with brand new comedies, but I can’t see them not having at least ONE third season sitcom to help anchor.
American Odyssey- It’s almost too soon to tell, but I’m leaning towards No.
Marry Me- Not buzzy enough to survive.
The Slap- This is done.
Mysteries Of Laura- This will come down to the pilots. It’s actually been a solid enough performer that NBC can consider renewing it. I’m hoping they have a better fall pool to choose from.
State Of Affairs- Dead.
One Big Happy- Probably dead.
The Night Shift- Season 2 is down. They should have kept this in the summer. Sadly, it’s probably dead because NBC thought that they could move a summer series to the spring.

Weekend Box Office: ‘Furious 7′ Wins Again, ‘While We’re Young’ Cracks A Weak Top 10

Furious 7 dropped a predictably large 59% in week 2. No matter, it is already the top grossing Furious film. Worldwide, the film has made 800M, and could be the first Universal release to break the 1 billion mark. The Longest Ride opened in third, but managed an A cinemascore. It could do decent in the long haul with solid word of mouth. Woman In Gold managed another solid weekend, while Danny Collins and While We’re Young managed to crack the Top 10. Ex Machina had a great weekend in limited release, grossing 62K per screen.

1) Furious 7- 59.5M Weekend, 251.5M Weekend
2) Home- 18.5M Weekend, 129.0M Weekend
3) The Longest Ride- 13M Weekend, 13M Total
4) Get Hard- 8.2M Weekend, 70.7M Total
5) Cinderella- 7.1M Weekend, 180.6M Total
6) Insurgent- 6.7M Weekend, 114.7M Total
7) Woman In Gold- 5.4M Weekend, 8.9M Total
8) It Follows- 1.9M Weekend, 11.7M Total
9) Danny Collins- 1.4M Weekend, 2.3M Total
10) While We’re Young- 1.3M Weekend, 2.3M Total
11) Kingsman- 1.3M Weekend, 124.5M Total
12) Do You Believe?- 0.9M Weekend, 11.5M Total
18) Ex Machina- 250K Weekend, 250K Total
37) Clouds Of Sils Maria- 61K Weekend, 61K Total
49) Desert Dancer- 40K Weekend, 40K Total

Box Office Predictions: ‘Furious 7′ Takes A Victory Lap

After winning last weekend, Furious 7 will continue to win again. Nothing will even come remotely close. Really, The Longest Ride is the only new wide release. Woman In Gold is expanding, and is now officially wide. Desert Dancer and The Clouds Of Sils Maria both debut in limited release this weekend. Probably only 9 films this weekend will make more than 1 million.

1) Furious 7- 60M Weekend,
2) The Longest Ride- 18M Weekend,
3) Home- 15M Weekend,
4) Cinderella- 6.5M Weekend
5) Get Hard- 6.5M Weekend
6) Insurgent- 6M Weekend
7) Woman In Gold- 5M Weekend
8) It Follows- 1.5M Weekend
9) Kingsman- 1M Weekend

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