Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman Is ‘Black Panther’

Marvel announced today that Chadwick Boseman has signed on to play Black Panther in at least 5 upcoming Marvel films, starting with Captain America 3 in 2016.

In the same announcement, they unveiled their nine film Phase 3 slate, including the Black Panther solo movie on November 3rd, 2017.

Doctor Strange is more official now, with a November 4th, 2016. The Inhumans will get their own movie on November 2nd, 2018.

Marvel’s updated slate:

5/5/2015- Avengers: Age Of Ultron

7/17/2015- Ant Man

5/6/2016- Captain America: Civil War

11/4/2016- Doctor Strange

5/5/2017- Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

7/28/2017- Thor: Ragnarok

11/3/2017- Black Panther

5/4/2018- Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

7/6/2018- Captain Marvel

11/2/2018- The Inhumans

5/3/2019- Avengers: Infinity War Part 3






Netflix In November: 10 Worth Watching

I looked at the sad, sad list of titles coming to Netflix in November. Here are 10 films worth checking out:

1) Addams Family Values- Is it possible that this is better than the first Addams movie? Yes. Definitely. This one features a psychotic Joan Cusack, and a summer camp from hell.

2) Braveheart- It’s been on Netflix before, but if you haven’t seen Braveheart yet, this is a very slow month on Netflix. So, now may be the time to catch up. FREEDOM!

3) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels- Steve Martin and Michael Caine star in this comedy classic. Another must if you haven’t seen it.

4) Fatal Attraction- Michael Douglas and Glenn Close star in this testament to why you should never cheat on your wife… especially with a crazy lady like Close. You’ll never look at rabbits the same way again!

5) Harts War- I would call this an underappreciated gem. Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell star in this war camp drama that fell sadly way under the radar.

6) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back- This either has you excited or it doesn’t.

7) The Quick and the Dead- Sam Raimi directs this stylistic western starring Sharon Stone, Russell Crowe, Gene Hackman, and a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Just that cast alone should have you intrigued.

8) The Rocketeer- Nostalgia alert!

9) Scream 4- Really, one of the only movies coming this month that would be considered relatively new. I enjoyed it.

10) Star Trek: VI- The Undiscovered Country- The last time the original Star Trek crew ventured out before TNG took over.


What I’m Still Watching (And Five New Shows You Should)

The fall TV season is under full swing. One show has already been cancelled (Manhattan Love Story), and another lost some episodes and is essentially cancelled (Mulaney).

Going into this season, I was already a regular watcher of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Revenge, Brooklyn Nine-Nine,The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Family Guy, and South Park, which I was all up to date on. I’ve been struggling to catch up with The Blacklist and Arrow, now that they have season streaming on Netflix.

Notice how none of those shows are first season shows except Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and me still trying to catch up on The Blacklist?)

That’s because I fell in love with a few cancelled gems. Enlisted. Star-Crossed. Trophy Wife. I still miss those shows. This fall season is a little different.

First off, I’ve jumped back into Agents Of SHIELD, which if you gave up on last season after a few episodes, has evolved into a completely different show. It’s more interesting, and definitely more fast paced. Don’t believe me? Check out the first few episodes on Hulu, and you’ll see the difference.

So what new shows am I still watching?

Madam Secretary. I rarely watch CBS shows. I’ve even given up on Stalker and Scorpion. I usually either find them too procedural, or too slow. Somehow, Madam Secretary feels different. It still needs to work a few things out, but it’s a pretty solid show.

Gotham didn’t blow me away, and I’ve struggled to watch more episodes. It might follow the Agents Of SHIELD route and get more interesting. I haven’t quit the show yet, but I’m getting close.

Selfie‘s pilot wasn’t great, but this is a show that is quickly finding its feet. It’s funny. The lead characters are charming. It’s well written, and I can say it’s unlike any other show on network TV. Please give it a chance. If you liked Don’t Trust The B, this show is for you.

Forever is a fun show, and I like it the same way I liked Castle in the beginning. I think Forever needs a better timeslot. If it could follow Castle, I think people might see what I see.

Marry Me. Honestly? I only watched the pilot, so I’m behind an episode, but I do plan on continuing to watch.

The Flash is an excellent spinoff that should have a permanent place on my DVR.

Red Band Society and The Mysteries Of Laura have lost their spots on my DVR. Red Band isn’t awful, it’s just not great, and it’s not going to get renewed. I don’t want to waste my time. Laura is terrible.

Black-ish. I watch it when I can. Always on Hulu. Never live.

Bad Judge and A To Z. Bad Judge isn’t awful, and I do like Kate Walsh, even if she deserves better than this. For now, it’s in my lineup. A To Z has been dumped by me.

How To Get Away With Murder isn’t quite at the top of my list, but it’s keeping me interested for now. It’s hard for me to hate Shonda Rhimes, honestly.

Cristela is a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I’m giving it a chance.

Constantine had a great pilot (which I probably should review), and I’ll be watching the second episode.

So… five shows you should be watching? Selfie, Madam Secretary, Forever, Constantine, and Cristela. I’m only recommending shows that have yet to receive a back-nine, so that doesn’t mean that How To Get Away With Murder or The Flash aren’t worth watching, they’re just safe for right now. These five shows need eyes, and you should check them out. Four of them are available on Hulu, so you can catch up on past episodes.


Friday Box Office: ‘Ouija’ Set To Win Weekend

Ouija opened strong like most movies of this genre do, but will see significant drop offs on Saturday and Sunday. A C cinemascore definitely is not going to help the audience find the film. Teens are known for their Friday night attendance, and not Saturday or Sunday, so Ouija may be in trouble in the long run. John Wick also only has a B cinemascore, despite strong reviews, so it’s not going to explode this weekend either. The big winner is St Vincent, which got an A- from audiences, and could have strong word of mouth this weekend, and do well on Saturday and Sunday when more adults are likely to watch the film. In limited release, Birdman is still going strong, and is expected to do a 26K per screen average for the weekend in 50 screens. No word on how Dear White People is doing in its expansion.

1) Ouija- 8.2M Friday, 19M Weekend

2) John Wick- 5.4M Friday, 15M Weekend

3) Fury- 4M Friday, 13.5M Weekend

4) Gone Girl- 3.4M Friday, 11M Weekend

5) Book Of Life- 2.4M Friday, 10M Weekend

6) St Vincent- 2.5M Friday, 7.5M Weekend

7) Alexander…2M Friday, 7M Weekend

8) The Best Of Me- 1.5M Friday, 4.5M Weekend

9) The Judge- 1.3M Friday, 4M Weekend

10) Dracula Untold- 1.2M Friday, 4M Weekend



Constantine’s Debut Is… Eh

Constantine debuted last night, and for all the hype, I can’t help but think NBC is disappointed with the 4.3M viewers and a 1.4 in the demo. Hopefully it has a big +3 (as a lot of Friday night shows do). Grimm returned to 5.3M and a 1.5 in the demo, so Constantine did do a pretty good job of retaining the demo.

Cristela continues to do OK for ABC with 5.3M and a 1 in the demo, losing audience from Last Man Standing (6.3M/1.1). Shark Tank did 6.9M and a 1.8 in the demo.

On CBS, Blue Bloods is doing well with 11.3M and a 1.3 in the demo. Hawaii Five O (8.8M/1.1) and Amazing Race (5.6/1.0) could be doing better.

All of this was against a World Series game on FOX which drew 10M viewers and a 2.5 demo (the best demo for any network show on Friday night).

Manhattan Love Story

ABC Makes 1st Cancellation With ‘Manhattan’

ABC has made the first cancellation of the fall season by axing new comedy Manhattan Love Story. Most recently, the struggling comedy pulled in a 0.7 in the demo, which is incredibly low for a network show (especially a young skewing comedy). Selfie will now air back-to-back new episodes in its place.

ABC has yet to make a decision about Selfie, but the fact that the show wasn’t cancelled at the same time as Manhattan Love Story is at least a small boost of confidence. Personally, I’ve grown to love Selfie, which has really found its legs rather quickly. I hope it doesn’t follow Trophy Wife into the abyss of shows that should have been given a better timeslot. I still believe that had Trophy Wife launched following Modern Family, it would have morphed into a hit.

best man

This Weeks Anniversaries

Sunday marks the 30th Anniversary of The Terminator, which opened in 1st place in 1984 with 4 million, eventually making 38M domestically and 78M worldwide. That would only be 9.7M adjusted to todays grosses for an opening weekend, so it wasn’t a huge hit upon release. Still, it was enough to launch a franchise. The Terminator has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.1 on IMDB, putting it at #208 on the IMDB Top 250 films of all time.

This is the 20th Anniversary of Clerks, the indie hit that launched the career of Kevin Smith. Made on a shoestring budget, Clerks eventually made 3.1M at the box office, garnering an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.9 on IMDB.

This is the 15th Anniversary of The Best Man, which just saw its sequel finally open last Thanksgiving. The Best Man opened in 1st with 9M, on its way to 34M domestic. It managed a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.5 on IMDB.

It’s the 10th Anniversary of The Grudge, which opened in 1st place with 39.1M in 2004. It would go on to make 110M domestically and 187M worldwide. It has a sad 39% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.8 on IMDB.

Honey Boo Boo

TLC Cancels ‘Honey Boo Boo’

TLC has axed hit reality trainwreck Here Comes Honey Boo Boo amid reports that star Mama June has started dating a convicted sex offender, specifically someone who was convicted for molesting an 8 year old child.

Entertainment Weekly got a quote from TLC (not me, I’m not that important):

“TLC has cancelled the series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and ended all activities around the series, effective immediately. Supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority.TLC is faithfully committed to the children’s ongoing comfort and well-being.”

Honey Boo Boo, aka Alana Thompson is 9 years old. It’s good to see that someone is worried about this.


ABC Rewards Hit Shows With More Episodes

ABC has added episodes to some of its most consistent performers. Grey’s Anatomy will film two extra episodes this season, bringing its total to 24. All of the Wednesday comedies got two extra episodes, including Freshman comedy Black-ish. Castle and Once Upon A Time both got an extra episode, bringing their totals to 23. Resurrection got one more episode, bringing its order to 15.


CBS Trims ‘CSI’ To 18

CBS has decided that long-running drama CSI will only run 18 episodes this season, instead of the typical 22. CBS swears this has nothing to do with ratings, but everything to do with having three midseason dramas, and a couple new shows that aren’t flops. Of course, they wouldn’t trim The Big Bang Theory, so it does have a little to do with ratings.

John Wick

Box Office Predictons: Can Keanu Fight For First In ‘John Wick’?

1) Ouija- 18M Weekend, 18M Total
This well marketed horror flick hasn’t screened for critics yet, but the tracking suggests it might win a very tight weekend. A PG-13 rating will help it, for sure, but poor word of mouth could hurt it on Saturday and Sunday. Friday’s numbers (and early Thursday box office) will help solidify whether or not Ouija can eek out a win.

2) John Wick- 15M Weekend, 15M Total

Keanu Reeves normally is not a huge box office draw, but a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes will help more than his name. Plus, a little bump from having IMAX screens won’t hurt either.

3) Fury- 15M Weekend, 49M Total

Brad Pitt’s Fury should drop a respectable 40% in Week 2, as word of mouth should be good. It’ll fight with Keanu’s John Wick for second place.

4) Gone Girl- 12M Weekend, 126M Total

Gone Girl is still the movie everyone has to see, and will hold with a nice 30% drop again this week.

5) Book Of Life- 11M Weekend, 31M Total

No new direct competition will keep Book of Life in the Top 5.

6) St Vincent- 8M Weekend, 9M Total

Without knowing the exact screen count of Bill Murray’s new film, I have a hard time predicting a runaway hit. Good word of mouth, and probably at least 1000 screens could get the film a nice chunk of change this weekend.

7) Alexander…- 7M Weekend, 45M Total

8) The Best Of Me- 4.5M Weekend, 18M Total

9) Dracula Untold- 4.5M Weekend, 49M Total

10) The Judge- 4.5M Weekend, 35M Total


Dear White People expands this weekend into an unknown (right now) screen count, and could do well. It’s unlikely that it will get enough screens to break 4.5M, as it is not going wide.

23 Blast is targeting a Christian audience, and a football audience, in 600 screens. As par for the course with Christian releases, they can either fall completely off the map, or become really big hits. It’s almost impossible to gauge these things without knowing advance ticket sales (churches buying out theatres). A PG-13 rating suggests this might not be as “family friendly” as some other offerings, and might cause 23 Blast to be a disappointment. Still, Meet The Mormons has made 4.5M so far without ever cracking the Top 10, so there’s something.

Uncle Buck

Why Are The Networks Adapting/Remaking Next Year?

Everyone is talking about the new fall season, which is full of a lot of (basically) original shows, or comic book adaptations, with a few spinoffs. You can always see a “trend”, and the big trend this year was comic books. Gotham, Constantine, I Zombie, The Flash, and Agent Carter are all guilty of this.

But next year? We’re getting super heavy on the remake/reboot/adaptation angle.

Several movies are being made into TV shows, but most of them aren’t recent. Actually, none of them are. Uncle Buck, Rush Hour, Big, Problem Child, Real Genius, The Devil’s Advocate, and Minority Report are all being adapted for next season. It doesn’t actually stop there. There’s even a pilot in development featuring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo in the leads, but it’s not based on the Vacation series.

TV reboots/remakes are slightly less popular, but don’t tell the planned reboots of The Greatest American Hero, Bewitched, Jack Irish, or Misfits.

And comic books? They’re still very much in play. CBS has a Supergirl series in the works, and FOX is going for another comic book series with Lucifer.

And spinoffs? There’s a Castle spinoff based on Derrick Storm, the character that Rick Castle’s books are based on. The CW is still working on a Supernatural spinoff.

And NBC has a Robin Hood drama that probably falls under all of those categories.

And if you need more nostalgia, Bill Cosby, Kevin Nealon, and John Stamos all have sitcoms in the works.

Faking IT

MTV Wants More ‘Faking It’, New ‘Todrick’

MTV is going crazy for American Idol Season 9 Alumni. MTV has ordered 10 more episodes of Faking It for a second half of the currently airing Season 2, and has picked up a reality series starring Todrick Hall for early 2015. Todrick Hall was eliminated at Top 16 in Season 9 of American Idol, and went on to be a massive YouTube star, with 1.1 million subscribers. He has more subscribers than the official channels of American Idol winners Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Faking It stars Season 9’s Katie Stevens, who has also appeared in Todrick Hall’s videos on YouTube.

Too Cool For Comic-Con


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