Best Of 2017: Part Two

BEST SEQUEL/SPINOFF: 5) Blade Runner: 2049 It was the sequel that everyone first heard was happening and went “oh no”. Then, when we saw who was set to direct, and star, our hopes were restored. Blade Runner 2049 is a visual masterpiece that had fans debating if it was actually better than the original. That’s a big feat. 4) Wonder Woman Wonder Woman made her DCEU debut in Batman VS Superman, and the internet quickly decided she was the best thing in that film. Cutahead to her film debut, which might have just single handedly saved the entire DCEU. It … Continue reading Best Of 2017: Part Two

Best Of/Worst Of 2017

I’m slowly working my way through my awards, but I wanted to try and post a few a day till I run out of awards. So, here are some silly awards to start with. MOVIE THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN BETTER AS A TV SERIES: RUNNER UP: What Happened To Monday There’s a quality in this movie that could have been stretched over a short 13 episode season, where we get to know each of the girls a bit more, and the world they live in. As a film, it was OK, but there was a hint of something more beneath … Continue reading Best Of/Worst Of 2017

Holiday Weekend Box Office Predictions

Obviously, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is untouchable. It made 220M last weekend, and is still quite likely to do 120-140M over the Wed-Mon span that I’m trying to predict. There are a bunch of new movies that will slowly chip away at the competition. Some open tomorrow, some on Friday, and some on Christmas Day. 1) Star Wars: The Last Jedi- 130M (Wed-Mon) 2) Jumanji- 55M (Wed-Mon) 3) Pitch Perfect 3- 40M (Fri-Mon) 4) Greatest Showman- 25M (Wed-Mon) 5) Downsizing- 15M (Fri-Mon) 6) Father Figures – 12M (Fri-Mon) 7) Ferdinand- 12M (Wed-Mon) 8) Coco- 10M (Wed-Mon) 9) Wonder- 5M … Continue reading Holiday Weekend Box Office Predictions

Box Office Predictions: Can ‘The Last Jedi’ Hit 200M?

With the total lack of new releases the past two weeks (except for that sad Morgan Freeman/Tommy Lee Jones thing), the box office is wide open for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi to come in and do some truly amazing work. Of course, when a film is tracking this high, it’s almost impossible to land a perfect dart. I’ve seen everything from 180M to 220M. I do think Ferdinand will open well, and that could take a small chunk away from The Last Jedi. Small though. As far as holdovers go, with all the “awards” announcements, films like … Continue reading Box Office Predictions: Can ‘The Last Jedi’ Hit 200M?

Oscar Locks: Do Any Exist?

As the Oscar race starts to heat up with the announcement of the NYFCC (New York Film Critics Circle) awards today, the question is now raised.. is there such a thing as a lock? Well, yes. In an effort to stir up some controversy, I’ve picked five nominees who I believe are absolute locks for their given categories. 1) Frances McDormand (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, MO) for Best Actress She’s such a well respected actress, and the film itself is very much centere4d in the Oscar race. It’s quite likely this film will see multiple nominations, hopefully for never-nominated Sam … Continue reading Oscar Locks: Do Any Exist?