The Too Much TV Roundup- November 10th

Against all odds, in the middle of a Hurricane, I braved the watching of television just to bring you this roundup. Please, hold the applause. I’m just a man.

5) Star Trek lower Decks (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Some episodes work for me more than others. That’s really all I ahve to say, and is just true of most comedies. Sometimes, they are on fire, sometimes, the jokes seem meant for the people who didn’t laugh last episode.

Episode Grade: B

4) Mike (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’m four episodes in, and I won’t know if I’ll hate myself for watching what might largely be an apologist attempt to make Tyson more likable and cuddly by breezing over the parts of him that make him very much not cuddly. This fourth episode seems to continue to push you to be more sympathetic toward Mike, without directly addressing the problematic reason of doing so. It’s like if this was an OJ story that started back at the beginning of his career when he was a beloved sports icon and starring in The Naked Gun. Sure, you could make that series. But why?

Episode Grade: B

3) The Masked Singer (FOX/hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

I guessed George Foreman before any of the judges. The clues lined up, and I couldn’t get past the absolute certainty that we had a piece of him in all of our homes. That’s a tough sell, and very few could even come close to claiming that, except Foreman. On a side note, it was heartbreaking and also nice to see Leslie Jordan one last time as his happy go lucky self. That man did not deserve to go out in a car accident. RIP Leslie Jordan.

Episode Grade: A-

2) Cobra Kai (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Trying to feel out where to put this on my list was tough. Ultimately, I went with 2nd place for the 2nd episode of the season. I thought that while Silver certainly was clever, I thought the reveal of Chosen was perhaps an episode too early. Maybe this serves the greater plot, but he barely interacted with Cobra Kai, only talking really to Tori. Meanwhile, Miguel’s daddy situation got bad fast, but then also resolved itself seemingly fast. Was that it? Also, these storylines are causing me to miss out on storylines with the rest of the young cast, and I think that’s the biggest tragedy. Where is Hawk? Come on now. How is he doing after his win?

Episode Grade: A-

1) The mighty Ducks: Game Changers (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

While this episode ranked at the top, it also marks a day where no series received an A grade. Look, I’m all about the nostalgia tease. And, you almost got me with the pictures on the wall, and the references to Knucklepuck and the Bash Brothers. But, I was really hoping for an OG cast member cameo. I refuse to believe out of all those kids, not one of them was willing to play a role in this trip down nostalgia lane? Instead, we got some random guy who talked about how finding out that a pro sports team was named after misfit kids inspired him… to work as the assistant to the assistant of something. This would have been a great time to have Joshua Jackson cameo for one episode, give a pep talk, remind people that Charlie isn’t dead, and then leave. The effect would have been much greater, and when I hear Bombay gave out a phone number in case of emergency, I expected someone from the past. Instead, i got crap, and three current pro athletes. The episode was cute on it’s own, and I liked that the kids found their groove, except Jace didn’t. All he did was get back on the ice, which was enough to get him captain. But then, that kiss. You know, i actually didn’t think they were going to bother hooking those two up. And since two couples kissed this episode, you won’t know which one I’m talking about.

Episode Grade: A-

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