Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus English Audio Description?: Yes The funny thing is, I saw this sitting forever on Prime, and it didn’t have AD. Then it popped up on paramount Plus, and suddenly audio description existed, so i could finally watch Jennifer Hudson do her thing as Aretha Franklin. i had already watched a break down of Hudson’s voice, and how she actually tried to match Aretha’s tone and runs, and not just put her own spin on it. Every note she went for was Aretha’s note. It’s a solid performance, it’s just not as great of a … Continue reading Respect

The Too Much TV Roundup- September 28th

Since I live in the path of hurricane Ian, and I don’t know my power/wifi status tomorrow, you’re getting this early. This is actually what I watched today, but would normally write about on Thursday. 1) The Rookie (ABC/Hulu) English Audio Description Available?: Yes first of all, not only is the Rookie one of the best described shows on TV (definitely network TV), but it was so nice to see the whole gang together again, and in a thrilling Season premiere that saw one recurring character with their life very much in the balance. So glad to have this show … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- September 28th


Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes Despite currently being the blind film critic, I once had sight and really enjoyed my video games. I especially enjoyed the Call of Duty zombie games, and their various maps. Most of the original maps started in Nazi Germany, with Nazi zombies. Overlord seemed to me like it would be making good on that promise. It’s not entirely that. It’s a bit of the Resident Evil films meets World War II. It’s not The Walking Dead, though some might call soldiers dropped behind enemy lines just that. It has … Continue reading Overlord

Early Oscar Predictions And Buzz: The Films you Need To Watch

As Oscar season really starts ramping up, films will be hitting theatres that don’t just want your money, they want your vote. They want people clamoring over the performances, direction, writing, and everything else wrapped into these films to help push them into Oscar glory. And for the first time in years, several films with proven box office success or predicted box office success are rumored to be in the mix. So let’s take a look at the films you need to pay the most attention to. No release dates are given, as we all watch films differently. Many films … Continue reading Early Oscar Predictions And Buzz: The Films you Need To Watch

The Too Much TV Roundup- September 27th

A show that did not have audio description last week on a certain platform does this week. Did it move up in the rankings? Let’s find out. 1) The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) English Audio Description?: Yes The third episode of the season finds June trying to find out what purple means, Serena trying to find out if she’s done enough to earn respect in a place designed to subjugate women, Aunt Lydia pleading and apologizing to God, and a lot of other little treats. Another really powerful ending, and no matter how much I need to see Serena not survive … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- September 27th

The Too Much TV Roundup- September 26th a dive on my rankings this week.

1) The Terminal List (Amazon) English Audio Description?: Yes I will say, they closed out the series in fine form. That final reveal, the final name on the list, so brutal. No spoilers here, but it was enough for this show, which rarely does top the list, to earn the spot. Full of action, and a really nice cat and mouse game between our favorite reporter and a cooperating Secretary of Defense really helped put this episode over the top. Nice way to close out the show. Episode Grade: A, Series Grade: A- 2) Reservation Dogs (Hulu) English Audio Description?: … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- September 26th a dive on my rankings this week.

The too Much TV Roundup- September 25th

A few new additions to the rotation. And a surprise return. 1) The Good Fight (Paramount Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes The best time i had yesterday was watching Carmen try and get longtime guest star Wallace Shawn off a murder charge, knowing that doing so jeopardized her own life. Plus, we got a glimpse at a trial aimed at the NFL, using a fake team of course, and the hint that more Eli Gold is coming. I’m not sure why john Slattery is a series regular, but I hope it doesn’t mean less Gary Cole. I know he’s got … Continue reading The too Much TV Roundup- September 25th


Where I Watched It: Peacock English Audio Description?: No One of those rare reviews I still do where there was no audio description. Is this film still watchable? Isn’t that why you’re here? All movies could be enhanced by audio description for blind and visually impaired, even the easier to follow ones, because likely there is always something we are missing. Directors always like to have quiet scenes, moments where actors do things through motion not dialogue, and sometimes entire montages that pass time while set to music. Even in an easy to understand film, we can still miss out … Continue reading Vengeance

Do Revenge

Where i Watched it: Netflix Audio Description Provided By: Roundabout Narrated By: Elias. (No last name was given. He’s like Madonna or Cher.) Before watching this, I saw other YouTube critics talking about how these movies always happen in Prep Schools with rich kids that make it impossible to sympathize. Except, here, our lead is on scholarship. So, it’s not the same thing. There are rich kids, and they are your typical pains in the ass. But this movie is more about a girl who had a sex tape released of her, and her actions following that. The film does … Continue reading Do Revenge

The Too Much TV Rounup- September 24th

After hearing some of my friends discussing the show on Facebook, as well as seeing the reaction by the families of the victims, I have no plan to watch Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer at any point. Which is fine with me, since there are a billion shows I’m behind on. 1) The Orville (Hulu) English Audio Description?: Yes Well, I’ll give Seth macfarlane credit. he did write a season finale that could very well still lead into a fourth season. There are places they could go, but also this could serve as a light series finale if needed. It’s not the … Continue reading The Too Much TV Rounup- September 24th


Where I Watched It: On Demand English Audio Description Available?: Yes I was just thinking to myself, it’s been five minutes… has Liam Neeson made another film yet? It’s kind of funny when you look at his career and see how normal it was, then Taken happened, and all of a sudden this actor’s actor is playing consistently in action films where he’s a guy with a particular set of skills. And for a while, it was fun. Not that the world ever needed sequels to Taken (or a TV show for that matter), but I enjoyed several Neeson action/thrillers. … Continue reading Memory

Heathers: The Musical

Where I Watched It: The Roku Channel English Audio Description Available?: No I know Roku rarely releases their own content. There was that moment when they dropped a ton of Quibby shows. None of those had any. But, really I find myself never watching the Roku Channel unless something like Heathers is released. The last time was probably Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas when we were all hoping they would save Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I still haven’t forgiven Hollywood for letting that show die. So here comes Heathers The Musical, which oddly has something happening, cause it took a while for the … Continue reading Heathers: The Musical


Where I watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes Netflix. The unofficial home of Mark Wahlberg. I’m keeping this short. I’ve seen Contraband, and based on when it was released, i fully acknowledge the likely presence of another review of Contraband on my site. However, that was when i could see, and now I can’t, so this was my first time through with audio description. The truth is, the audio description is fine. The movie itself is still totally forgettable. Part of the reason I randomly reviewed this film was due to the fact that i couldn’t remember anything … Continue reading Contraband

The Too Much TV Roundup- September 23rd

Sometimes I wonder if I give out too many perfect A grades to series, and I want it to be earned when the episode warrants it. So, we have only one clear winner today. 1) Harley Quinn (HBo MAX) English Audio Description?: Yes In the penultimate episode of the season (this show has been renewed already), Harley, ivy, and the gang have to team up with Batgirl and nightwing to save Gotham as Bruce accidentally triggered a zombie apocalypse. However, ivy believes that because these zombies are infused with stuff from Frank, she can control them, so she sets off … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- September 23rd


Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes Yes. I still watched Morbius in September after months of people mocking the film. I kept an open mind. I never go into a Marvel film, Disney or Sony, and assume I’m going to dislike it. But the way some people are talking about this thing, you’d think it already won the Razzie. If nothing, Morbius has forced Jared Leto into his most human, natural performance in a long time. He can’t hide behind a fat suit, extensive makeup, or a weird accent, he just has to be a guy … Continue reading Morbius