Moon Knight (Pilot)

Starring: Oscar Issac and Ethan Hawke. Where I Watched It: Disney Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes The Plot: Steven (Issac) works at a museum. This is also the Marvel introduction to Moon Knight. So, trying to explain this to you would involve spoilers. But, yes, Steven works at a museum. What Works: I know the critics have been getting screener access to the first four episodes, but I like to review pilots, because you’re never guaranteed an audience will come back for more if the pilot doesn’t work. So it really doesn’t matter if the show picks up in … Continue reading Moon Knight (Pilot)

Halo (Pilot)

Starring: Pablo Schrieber, Yarin Ha, Natasha McEllhonne, Bokeem Woodbine, and Ryan McPartlin. Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes Description Provided By: Descriptive Video Works The Plot: It’s Halo. I know that doesn’t mean much for people unfamiliar with the franchise, but for those who are, it’s Halo. For those who aren’t, this takes place way in the future, and we are introduced to a group of colonists who start dropping some exposition about Marines, Spartans, and some more Halo mythology before an alien race drops in and starts massacring people. Then, we finally get to … Continue reading Halo (Pilot)

Promised Land (Pilot)

Starring: John Ortiz (and I suppose Bellamy Young?) Where I Watched it: Hulu (though it originally airs on ABC) English Audio Description Available? So far, yes. The Plot: Centers around a Latinx family that owns a winery, and has done rather well for themselves… but dark secrets abound. What Works: So, there’s a natural desire to jump up and down about John Ortiz finally getting to lead his own…something. He’s worked so hard in supporting character roles for years, I want this to work for him. I’m also a fan of Bellamy Young. I’m not familiar with the rest of … Continue reading Promised Land (Pilot)

Good Sam (Pilot)

Starring: Sophia Bush and Jason Issacs. Where I Watched It: Paramount plus (though it airs on CBS) English Audio Description Available?: Yes The Plot: The Good Sam in this question is a doctor (Bush) who works at the same hospital as her father (Issacs), who is the Chief of Surgery, and the two have a contentious relationship. He’s a brilliant doctor, but she believes she is as well, and he just doesn’t see that. She’s about to leave when (this is not a spoiler) her dad is shot and lands in a coma. While he’s in a coma, she becomes … Continue reading Good Sam (Pilot)

The Cleaning Lady (Pilot)

Starring: Eloise young, Adan Canto, and Oliver Hudson? Where I Watched it: Hulu (though it airs on Fox) English Audio Description Available?: No. The plot: A doctor (Yung) who is here illegally to get her son a special kind of medical treatment works crappy jobs, not as a doctor, until a version of the mob needs her to become…The Cleaning Lady. What Works; Eloise Yung deserves to breakout as a star, and despite this show being something destined for cancellation, I hope Hollywood doesn’t give up on her. I’d love to see her back with Marvel. What Doesn’t Work: It’s … Continue reading The Cleaning Lady (Pilot)

13 Reasons Why (Season 1)

Starring: Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Christian Navarro, Miles Heizer, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Kate Walsh, Brian D’Arcy James, Justin Prentice, Devin Druid, Ross Butler, Ajiona Alexus, Michelle Selene Ang, Steven Silver, Sosie Bacon, Derek Luke, Amy Hargreaves, Josh Hamilton, Tom Everett Scott, Wilson Cruz, Mark Pellegrino
Various Episodes Directed By: Tom McCarthy (Spotlight), Kyle Patrick Alvarez (The Stanford Prison Experiment), Carl Franklin (One True Thing), Gregg Araki (Mysterious Skin)

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