Best Of 2016: Top 10 Films That I Enjoyed More Than Most Critics

So here are the 10 films that I graded the highest, that the majority of critics seemed to not like. In order to qualify for this list, the film must have had less than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. Each film in my top 10 probably would have gotten a Fresh rating, even though my #10 film received a B-.
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It Came From Netflix: A Very Murray Christmas

Anyone who remembers the humble beginnings of Netflix will remember that it was merely an alternative to blockbuster, very few would have imagined that it would have become something that would rival most networks. Like it’s network counterparts Netflix has ventured into original programing. One of these original programs is an absolute gem, A very Murray Christmas. This show takes the tired format of the holiday variety show and turns it on its head by making it a self aware parody in the vein of curb your enthusiasm. Murray plays a forlorn celebrity who is contractually obligated to star in … Continue reading It Came From Netflix: A Very Murray Christmas

It came from Netflix: Danger 5

Recently it’s seems as though watching television is becoming a lifestyle. Before Netflix one would watch shows when they came on, now it’s required to binge watch. A lot of these shows are extremely dramatic and less like television shows and more like miniature movies that unfold over an exhausting amount of time, only to lead viewers toward a disappointing cliffhanger. I personally attempted to go with the flow and dabble in these bing worthy programs, however the stoic nature of said programs didn’t do much to hold my attention. Perhaps the stoic nature is in response to our current position … Continue reading It came from Netflix: Danger 5