Opinion: Selective Audio Description Isn’t Just Lazy, It’s Censorship

being blind is an interesting and consistently challenging way of life where you use adaptive technology to do things that most people take for granted on a regular basis. For example, want to microwave dinner? Hopefully, you ahve a system set up for you to navigate the buttons on your microwave (as many microwaves have flat buttons, and no built in braille), or you had the foresight to get something a little more accessible, like perhaps an Alexa enabled microwave. Then, you have to read the directions on the box. But there’s an app for that. Unfortunately, tonight’s selection isn’t … Continue reading Opinion: Selective Audio Description Isn’t Just Lazy, It’s Censorship

Editorial: Following Chip N Dale, What Does Audio Description Sound Like?

When I started into my journey of relaunching at the beginning of the year, it came from the place of a lover of all things film and television, constantly running into my new found blind and visually impaired friends and the discussions we would have about audio description. either, the lack thereof, the small selection, the wide range in quality, how action and science fiction films aren’t described well, or any of the various statements that usually followed with I don’t watch much TV anymore, or I just like to read now. I personally think audio description on the whole … Continue reading Editorial: Following Chip N Dale, What Does Audio Description Sound Like?

Summer’s Best Guilty Pleasures

With all the films tanking at the box office this summer, I felt like exploring some of my favorite summer releases that I might have to call “guilty pleasures”, because they aren’t typically regarded as ‘great’ movies. I tried to pick one from each summer from the last twenty years. Here’s a very damning list that I probably shouldn’t share with anyone, but I’m gonna post it. And yeah, I loved Rough Night, and I liked Baywatch. That’s why this list exists. 2016- Ghosbusters Technically, critics loved this. It got a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. And it made 128M domestically, … Continue reading Summer’s Best Guilty Pleasures

Best Of 2016: My Top 30 Favorite Films (30-21)

Alright, so this was a good year for films. I honestly couldn’t compile a smaller list of films I liked or loved. I settled on 30, because I felt like I got to name most of the films I liked this year that way. This list is different from how I graded films, though I can say that everything on my list got at least a B+. When compiling this list I thought about how much I personally enjoyed the film. Will I watch it again? Will I buy it on DVD or Bluray? Did I recommend it to anyone? Have I already seen it multiple times? A lot of films I grade higher because of one or two great performances, and not because the film is good. Those films end up often not making this list.
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