Where I Watched It: paramount Plus English Audio Description?: Yes Nominated for three Oscar’s, Babylon was noted this year for being an expensive dump of elephant crap. That’s not exactly the best way to think about Babylon, but even before this film was released in theatres, I heard mixed things. Basically, if you can make it past the first ten minutes, this three hour tour won’t bother you. But, Damien Chazelle banking a 100M+ oscar bait movie on a film that starts with an elephant shitting all over someone is a tough ask. He might be getting a little big … Continue reading Babylon

Best Of 2022: Top 10 Original Screenplays

I know it’s been a minute since one of these, but I am still using this gap leading up to the Oscars to try and see every single film possible, and the few I think I might still see I’m certain fall under Adapted Screenplay. So, here are my top 10. I would definitely make guild voting fun, but at the same time, four of the five Oscar nominees are in my top 10. So am I really that radical? 10) A Love Song 9) Good Luck To You Leo Grande 8) The Menu 7) The outfit 6) Babylon 5) … Continue reading Best Of 2022: Top 10 Original Screenplays