Oscar Locks: Do Any Exist?

As the Oscar race starts to heat up with the announcement of the NYFCC (New York Film Critics Circle) awards today, the question is now raised.. is there such a thing as a lock? Well, yes. In an effort to stir up some controversy, I’ve picked five nominees who I believe are absolute locks for their given categories. 1) Frances McDormand (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, MO) for Best Actress She’s such a well respected actress, and the film itself is very much centere4d in the Oscar race. It’s quite likely this film will see multiple nominations, hopefully for never-nominated Sam … Continue reading Oscar Locks: Do Any Exist?

10 Actors/Actresses Who Didn’t Deserve Their Oscar Wins

As we march closer to the Oscars on Sunday, I thought it might be nice to post some lists about the Oscars. For this list, I just took all four acting categories, and picked the 10 people who I thought were the least deserving of their wins. I’ve seen nine of these ten performances. I tried only picking out roles that I had actually seen, but when I saw that Art Carney beat out some true heavy hitters, I had to include him on this list, especially given the general consensus that he probably shouldn’t have won that Oscar. I have two honorable mentions: Marisa Tomei for My Cousin Vinny and Jack Palance for City Slickers. I didn’t include them because I hadn’t seen enough of their competition to really make me feel like they robbed someone else more deserving of an Oscar.

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