The Best Of 2021

With the Oscar’s swiftly approaching, and my Oscar final predictions released yesterday, it’s finally time to discuss who i think actually should have been nominated in the major categories, and who I would vote to win. This list will be completely different than the Oscar list, because I am just myself, I have no guild or board of people to mess up my nomination process, and my awards mean nothing. No actor is sitting out there waiting with bated breath to see if they will be included on Mac The Movieguy’s Best of 2021. Which is great for me, because … Continue reading The Best Of 2021

My Very Final Official Oscar Predictions

So for those of you movie loving folk out there doing Oscar pools, let me be your guide. or not. Do your thing. Maybe your shaman already told you who will win. But these are my predictions for the Oscars that are being presented on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. BEST PICTURE: The Power Of The Dog Despite the internet Oscar experts shitting bricks after Coda won the PGA award in this category, I know it is used as a barometer for predicting the winner in this category, and to be fair, i think Coda is in the #2 spot. It’s … Continue reading My Very Final Official Oscar Predictions

Analyzing A Wide Open Oscar Race

Oscar nominations are being announced this Tuesday, and while I’ve paid attention to this race, I’ve also learned how incredibly wide open it is, and there is sort of a anything can happen attitude among even the most stringent prognosticators. So, here are my thoughts on each of the major contenders. Shaking it up a bit with the format. The Power Of The Dog: One thing everyone seems to agree on is that Jane Campion is headed for Oscar glory. Not only is she a lock for a nomination, but everyone believes she will win. Two back-to-back female director wins … Continue reading Analyzing A Wide Open Oscar Race

Oscar Locks: Do Any Exist?

As the Oscar race starts to heat up with the announcement of the NYFCC (New York Film Critics Circle) awards today, the question is now raised.. is there such a thing as a lock? Well, yes. In an effort to stir up some controversy, I’ve picked five nominees who I believe are absolute locks for their given categories. 1) Frances McDormand (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, MO) for Best Actress She’s such a well respected actress, and the film itself is very much centere4d in the Oscar race. It’s quite likely this film will see multiple nominations, hopefully for never-nominated Sam … Continue reading Oscar Locks: Do Any Exist?