The Inspection

Where I Watched it: Apple VOD English Audio Description Provided By Deluxe Narrated By Michelle Deco Jeremy Pope’s awards run seemed to begin and end with his nomination at the Golden Globes, something I thought for sure would result in more attention. I was a little surprised that we ended up with a giant marshmallow of whiteness in the Best Actor block at the Oscars, but after seeing Jeremy Pope’s performance… I kinda understand why he missed the cut. The Inspection, is based on a true story, or at least a real person, and that makes it hard for me … Continue reading The Inspection

Strange World

Where i Watched It: Disney plus English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Nicole Sansorella I basically live in a world where I just consume media, like a critic, whether I care about the film or not. I do draw the line every once in a while, like I have no intention of ever reviewing Terrifier 2, but I try my hardest to walk in with an open mind every time. I gotta say, i walked into Strange World assuming it sucked. It’s not the same way i chose Turning Red earlier this year, where I saw it immediately … Continue reading Strange World

Cheaper By The Dozen (2022)

Starring: Gabrielle Union, Zach Braff, Erika Christensen, and Timon Kyle Durrett. Directed By: Gail Lerner Where I Watched It: Disney Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes Narration By: Nigel Mojica Description provided By: Descriptive Video Works The Plot: The Bakers this time have taken their name literally, and they now run a Breakfast restaurant where dad (Braff) is the Breakfast King, and mom (Union) is supporting with her marketing degree. And that “dozen” includes animals, so there are less kids in this version. Among many other changes. What Works: First, i love Gabrielle Union in this. After Home Sweet Home … Continue reading Cheaper By The Dozen (2022)