Where I Watched it: iTunes (VOD) English Audio Description?: Yes After using Ti West’s X as a statement on why Paramount Plus needs to take audio description more seriously, I figured I should actually watch one of his films with audio description, so I sprung for Pearl so I could get audio description. I know A24 distributes to Showtime, and they can’t be bothered by blind people, so even though I subscribe to Showtime, and would have access to this film eventually, i paid for it. That’s my life. Just so I can get an accessibility feature. Pearl is a … Continue reading Pearl


Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus (with Showtime) English Audio Description?: No I’ve been back and forth with the non-responsive customer support at Paramount Plus about audio description and what happens when they add Showtime, but none of the available audio description. Even for Showtime shows that have audio description, like Yellowjackets, they will not import the audio description. So, when i saw X, an A24 slasher from director Ti West, I figured now would be a great time to have yet another conversation about why we matter. The reality is that this film is hard to follow as it … Continue reading X