On The Come Up

Where I Watched it: Paramout Plus Audio Description provided By: international Digital Center Written By: Liz gutman Narrated By: Tate Keller (?) Until I posted about this film on my social media, I didn’t know it was a book. I was pretty impressed with the story as is, and somehow became less impressed when I realized it was an adaptation and not an original work. That didn’t stop me from loving this film, and going out on a limb for it here. on The Come up features a complex story about a young girl who dreams of following in her … Continue reading On The Come Up

The Too Much TV Roundup- August 20th

Some days are easier to rank than others. This is one of those days. 1) For All Mankind (Apple Plus) English Audio Description?: Yes In Happy valley, the race to Mars is on. There’s a dab of politics in this episode, but this quickly becomes about saving the lives of the Russian crew that are lagging behind, and after attempting to pull off something stupid, end up putting their lives in mortal danger. Ultimately, one of the two crews heades by either Danielle or Ed has to save them, but it would mean that crew wouldn’t have enough fuel to … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- August 20th

The Too Much TV Roundup- August 14th

I started a few more shows today, and sadly none of them reached the top spot. Sometimes, it takes time. 1) Only Murders In The building (Hulu) English Audio Description: Yes The winner today was everyone’s favorite gang of podcasters, who continue to try and solve the mystery of why they are being framed. but, it was the injection of some heavy hitting guest stars that sent this episode over the top, from Tina Fey’s unnecessarily cutthroat rival caster, Jane Lynch’s always welcome return as the one time stunt double, Amy Ryan’s deliciously evil killer, or Michael Rappaport’s exhausted lead … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- August 14th