The Too Much TV Roundup- August 20th

Some days are easier to rank than others. This is one of those days.

1) For All Mankind (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In Happy valley, the race to Mars is on. There’s a dab of politics in this episode, but this quickly becomes about saving the lives of the Russian crew that are lagging behind, and after attempting to pull off something stupid, end up putting their lives in mortal danger. Ultimately, one of the two crews heades by either Danielle or Ed has to save them, but it would mean that crew wouldn’t have enough fuel to reach Mars, and would have to turn home. After Danielle’s group is saddled with this responsibility because they work for a government agency,what ends up happening puts not just cosmonauts in mortal danger, but Danielle’s crew. With a breathtaking ending leaving you wondering who, if anyone is still alive, For All Mankind easily took the top spot.

Episode Grade: A

2) Fairfax (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

From the opening that began with the revelation that Truman might have just had sex with his cellphone, we launch into a Breakfast Club spoof centered around Derrika that revolves around the mysterious burning of the gender neutral bathroom. Lots of tea is spilled. Meanwhile, Truman enlists the rest of the crew to help him make his last fire safety video.

Episode Grade: A

3) Loot (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

After Maggie finds that her team is overworked, she takes them out for a very special day. The girls go to an exclusive spa, and the boys go drinking. You would think that this episode had more to it than that, but it really just felt like a bonding episode. Not my favorite of the season so far, but what this episode did was continue to strengthen the bond of the ensemble, something Physical hasn’t done. So, instead of this being a show about Maya Rudolph… and others… it’s fleshing out to be a little more Parks and Rec where everyone is quirky in their own way, and important to the show.

Episode Grade: A-

4) Baymax (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I have nothing against this show, except it’s a little too short sometimes, especially like in this episode where an emotional payoff is attempted. I did say… attempted.

Episode Grade: B+

5) Evil (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Even though I’m far less interested than I once was, they’ve done a lot with the Nun character this season, and as I get closer to the end of the season, I think I’m legitimately concerned for Andy’s life. he really is pretty expendable.

Episode Grade: B

6) The Upshaws (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

So, hot take. I don’t know if it’s this season, or if I just wasn’t paying attention last season, but Mike Epps and his acting ability this season is really becoming a problem for me. I love Wanda so much, and the rest of the ensemble is fun. But this show is on notice. I’ll give it one more episode, but his acting seems worse than anything I’ve seen him do… almost like he doesn’t want to be there. It’s very weird.

Episode Grade: C+

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