Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Where I Watched it: Roku English Audio Description?: No To be 100% fair to Roku, who has not really broken into the understanding importance of audio description and accessibility for the blind, I reached out to them. I had already seen Weird at the time, so I knew the film was currently offered without audio description. I politely asked if there perhaps was a glitch, and that audio description for the film was available but just didn’t make it out right way. I even notified them I was a film critic, and I reviewed films for a blind audience, and … Continue reading Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Jerry and Marge Go Large

Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Provided By: international Digital Center Written By: Liz Gutman Narrated By: Sri Gordon Yes, this is a Paramount Players title, suggesting it was never intended for a theatrical run, which I think was the wrong call. With the theatres starved for product, and the older crowd looking for pictures to go to (like the hit film Elvis), I think that this based on a true story comedy would have done nicely with that crowd. Not huge amounts of money, but probably 30-40M, increasing it’s visibility and profile when it then went … Continue reading Jerry and Marge Go Large