Ashley Madekewe leaving ‘Revenge’

Looks like Declan wasn’t the only Revenge category. Ashley will also not be returning next season. At first glance, Revenge fans probably said “OH NO! WHAT?” and then they realized how little Ashley actually has to do, and how the writers struggle to keep her relevant each episode. The writers probably gave up on trying to figure out how to keep the girl who started out as a party planner in the show for two seasons. The show has basically run out of male series regulars (or large recurring characters) for her to sleep with, other than the grieving Jack, … Continue reading Ashley Madekewe leaving ‘Revenge’

The Most Watched Network TV Programs for the 18-49 demo

1) Sunday Night Football- 10.3 million

2) Big Bang Theory- 7.8 million

3) The Voice- 6.5 million

4) Modern Family- 6.1 million

5) The Voice Results- 5.9 million

6) American Idol- 5.8 million

7) American Idol Results- 5.4 million

8) The Following- 5.4 million

9) Two and a Half Men- 5.2 million

10) Greys Anatomy- 5.1 million

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