The incredible Weight of Massive Talent

Where I Watched It: VOD from ITunes Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Nicole Sansorella I did pay for this one. it was one of those things I really wanted to see, and it was on ITunes for a 99 cent rental (which has since gone away), which felt like a fair price. Man, am I glad i did this one. Massive Talent, as it sometimes gets shortened in commercials, is a very self aware, meta film about the state of Nicolas Cage’s career. A brilliant actor, who signs up for various films that don’t do well, and he’s … Continue reading The incredible Weight of Massive Talent

On The Count Of Three

Where I Watched It: Hulu English Audio Description?: Yes Let it be known that when I’m randomly browsing titles and I see that Jarrod Carmichael has a film, something he directed and stars in, that his star power was enough to get me to click on it. Then, you realize it’s a really really dark comedy. For lack of a better term, it’s a suicide comedy. Two guys, who have been friends for a while, both commit to killing each other because both are suicidal. One friend has been clinically diagnosed this way, and in and out of facilities for … Continue reading On The Count Of Three

The Card Counter

Starring: Oscar Issac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan, and Willem Dafoe. Directed By: Paul Schrader Where i Watched It: HBO MAX English Audio Description Available?: Yes Description Provided By: Media Access Group Narrated By: Adrienne Barbeaux The Plot: I mean, obviously this is a poker drama about a card counter, right? No. This is a story about a man (Issac), a former US soldier who worked at Guantanamo Bay, and under the direction and leadership of his superior (Dafoe), tortured the individuals kept there. When the human rights violations came to light, he ends up being one of the easy targets … Continue reading The Card Counter