On The Count Of Three

Where I Watched It: Hulu

English Audio Description?: Yes

Let it be known that when I’m randomly browsing titles and I see that Jarrod Carmichael has a film, something he directed and stars in, that his star power was enough to get me to click on it. Then, you realize it’s a really really dark comedy. For lack of a better term, it’s a suicide comedy.

Two guys, who have been friends for a while, both commit to killing each other because both are suicidal. One friend has been clinically diagnosed this way, and in and out of facilities for years, whereas this is a rather new choice for the other. At first, they attempt to do so immediately, but then decide they want one last day of doing crazy shit before ending things. One of those things involves making it right for some past trauma one has endured.

Carmichael for his part, despite the film being very heavily focused on two people, manages to recruit talent in the supporting roles, with Tiffany Haddish and Henry Winkler making brief appearances.

Carmichael as a comedian always has something to say, and he does translate some of what he obviously needs to say into this film. However, it’s a tough film to laugh at, and without the backstory behind these characters, we are kind of dropped into the most depressing part of their lives. Somehow you get an idea that things will not end the way you expect, and since the day they create is full of mayhem, it changes the ending to a less planned event than had they pulled the triggers initially.

These are damaged people, and it’s hard to laugh sometimes. But once Carmichael allows us a peek behind the curtain at the why, we get a bit more understanding as to how they got here, and why the situation might not be reversible for one.

It’s a solid directorial effort from Carmichael, but it still feels incredibly independent and limited in scope. As he continues with his career, it will be interesting to see his viewpoint tackled in more broader terms. This film is not for everyone, nor is it perfect. But at least he’s out there trying.

Final Grade: B-

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