Top Gun Maverick

Where I Watched it: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes Legacy sequels are all the rage now. Nostalgia is a business by itself, convincing people to continue to buy into a franchise they once loved, with mixed results. When the world found out that Tom Cruise was moving forward on the long awaited Top Gun sequel, it just felt like more of the same. like it was Jamie lee Curtis returning to Halloween, Neve Campbell returning to Scream, or the Sanderson Sisters casting spells again for hocus Pocus. It’s still a trend that is carrying on into 2023 as … Continue reading Top Gun Maverick


Where I Watched It: Disney Plus English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated by: Marsha Bartenelli I meant to watch this a while ago, knowing that the Willow TV series was upon us. But, the season was just so full of films, I got around to it a little late. Yes, I’ve never seen Willow. This was my first viewing of this film. I was five when the film was released theatrically, so it’s not like I was walking up to the box office and buying my own tickets. As far as why not before now, I don’t really know. … Continue reading Willow

Top Gun

Starring: Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins, Tom Skerrit, Michael Ironside, John Stockwell, Rick Rossovich, and Meg Ryan. Directed By: Tony Scott Where i Watched It: Paramount Plus (though I see it’s also now on Netflix) English Audio Description Available?: Yes Description Provided By: Pixel Logic Narrated By: Brad Perry Audio Description Note: I watched this a few weeks back, and now Netflix is pushing this on me. It may have swapped streaming services. The Plot: Top Gun is actually a school where they take the most elite pilots and train them to be the best. … Continue reading Top Gun

IFC fleshes out ‘Babylon’ cast

IFC has announced the rest of the cast for the mini-series ‘The Spoils of Babylon’, produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. Starring the aforementioned Ferrell and previously announced cast members Kristin Wiig, Haley Joel Osment, and Tobey Maguire, the series has a 6 episode order. Joining the cast are Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins, and Michael Sheen. The Spoils Of Babylon is a century-spanning saga following the exploits of the Morehouse family. Continue reading IFC fleshes out ‘Babylon’ cast

The Replacements (16 People Who Almost Snagged Iconic Roles)

Just caught this article (|maing7|dl13|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D318270)  and felt like relaying that info here. Did you know that… Jim Carrey was originally considered for Pirates of the Caribbean, but it would have conflicted with Bruce Almighty. Hugh Jackman was originally supposed to be the Driver in Drive. Everyone knows Ryan Gosling has a bromance with the director. Jackman was only originally considered when Neil Marshall was tapped to direct the film. Sean Connery was originally offered the part of Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings. It would have been Connery’s last role, had he been forced to do all three Rings films. … Continue reading The Replacements (16 People Who Almost Snagged Iconic Roles)