The Replacements (16 People Who Almost Snagged Iconic Roles)

Just caught this article (|maing7|dl13|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D318270)  and felt like relaying that info here.

Did you know that…

Jim Carrey was originally considered for Pirates of the Caribbean, but it would have conflicted with Bruce Almighty.

Hugh Jackman was originally supposed to be the Driver in Drive. Everyone knows Ryan Gosling has a bromance with the director. Jackman was only originally considered when Neil Marshall was tapped to direct the film.

Sean Connery was originally offered the part of Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings. It would have been Connery’s last role, had he been forced to do all three Rings films.

Leonardo DiCaprio was originally cast in American Psycho. Hard to believe now, considering how iconic Christian Bale is in that role.

Chris O’Donnell was Agent J, in the original Men In Black cast, until Barry Sonnenfeld told the studio they needed Will Smith. I can’t even imagine what Chris O’Donnell would have been like in that role.

Kelly McGillis was almost uncrossing her legs in Basic Instinct. Luckily that role went to Sharon Stone, and it launched her career.

Val Kilmer auditioned for the role in Dirty Dancing that went to the late Patrick Swayze.

Robin Williams was first considered for The Shining, which ended up going to Jack Nicholson. That would have been a very different film, I’m sure.

Molly Ringwald turned down the part in Pretty Woman, which then went to Julia Roberts.

Michelle Pfeiffer turned down the part in Silence Of The Lambs, which then went to Jodie Foster.

Tom Selleck was supposed to be Indiana Jones. Would Indy have had a moustache?

Ewan McGregor was almost Neo in The Matrix, but then everyone snapped out of it

Would Mel Gibson have won the same Oscar that Russell Crowe won for his role in Gladiator?

Would Sarah Michelle Gellar have starred in Clueless and still done Buffy The Vampire slayer?

Matthew McConaughey’s southern drawl almost made it to Jack Dawson in Titanic.

John Travolta turned down the part of Forrest Gump (REALLY GUYS? That movie would have been terrible).

Tom Cruise was first offered Iron Man. It seems hard to imagine anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. in that role now.


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