Movie Review: We’re The Millers

We're The Millers STARRING: Jason Sudekis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Nick Offerman, Ed Helms, Kathryn Hahn, Molly C. Quinn, Luis Guzman, Thomas Lennon.

WRITTEN BY: Bob Fisher and Steve Faber

DIRECTED BY: Rawson Marshall Thurber


If you’re expecting me to declare We’re The Millers as the funniest comedy of the year, you’re going to be disappointed. The Heat is a better written, better directed, and more well-rounded film. That being said, We’re The Millers is still totally worth your time. It has a few huge laughs up its sleeve, and the cast is game for anything. After watching this, I’m convinced Jason Sudekis is the next big thing in headlining comedy films.

David Clark (Jason Sudekis) is a low level drug dealer, handling mostly suburban housewives and 9 to 5 businessmen. After getting robbed of his stash, and his money, his supplier (Ed Helms) tells him that the only way he can make it up to him, is to make a run to Mexico and bring back “a smidge” of weed. Since David is in debt, he can’t refuse. He hatches a plan to try and make himself seem like a family man, and offers to pay Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper, Casey (Emma Roberts), a street rat, and Kenny (Will Poulter), a virgin teenager who spends far too much time home alone, to be his family. So they rent an RV and drive down across the border, pick up a few metric tons of weed, and begin their journey home.

The problem is that it wasn’t their weed to take, so they have to make the return trip home being chased by rival drug dealers, while also bumping into another RV family (Nick Offerman/Kathryn Hahn/Molly Quinn) along the way. Of course, along the way, this fake family bonds, and starts to act like a real family. It’s like when the Grinch learned the true meaning of Christmas.

Let me first address a problem I’ve read on the internet from some batshit crazy people who have seen the film. Yes, there’s male nudity. And, it’s from Will Poulter. Will turned 20 this year, he’s not a child. And, apparently the crazed people are also hearing impaired, because he announces his age as 18 several times in the film. This is not child porn, so get over yourselves. Neither the actor, nor the character are under 18. A comedy where the heroes are drug smugglers, and THAT’S the problem you have with the film.

I would say the film suffers from “how do we get from point A to point B” syndrome, which is everything happens in perfect succession. There’s no real grand setup for any punchline further down the line. The punchlines seem to come, simple, as set up and deliver. So, sometimes, you can see them coming, and they lose some effect. However, a few jokes are undeniably hilarious. In fact, if you make it through this film without laughing out loud once, it’s possible you don’t have a soul.

Jason Sudekis and Jennifer Aniston are great, and it’s nice to see them reteaming after Horrible Bosses. Emma Roberts and Will Poulter support them nicely in their roles. Nick Offerman is a standout, again, in his supporting role, practically stealing the entire film. For me, he stole Kings Of Summer earlier this year. I can’t wait to see another film that showcases his enormous talent. Also, make sure you stay for the gag reel. A particular prank is played on Jennifer Aniston that should leave a smile on your face as you walk out.

It takes a little while to get going, but it definitely is still worth a watch. Easily the second funniest film of the summer.


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