Movie Review: Oblivion

Oblivion  STARRING: Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Zoe Bell

 WRITTEN BY: Karl Gajdusek and Michael Arndt

 DIRECTED BY: Joseph Kosinski


 I remember when Oblivion was in theatres, and it didn’t do as well as expected, and i was shocked. Not shocked enough to watch Oblivion in theatres, but I did managed to finally catch it at home. I was disappointed. A soulless sci-fi bore.

 In a future where earth is almost decimated, and we live in space, Tom Cruise flies around and fixes drones. He has a partner (Riseborough), and everything is normal until he finds a human (Kurylenko). Then he finds more humans (led by Morgan Freeman), and chaos ensues.

It is a pretty film to look at, much like After Earth was. Also, the entire film rides on a “don’t tell anyone how it ends” final act. Which, is really the coolest thing about the movie. The whole first hour and a half is a gigantic waste of time. It’s an incredibly slow movie, with lots of searching, and looking, and Tom Cruise staring off into nothingness. That’s the whole movie. Lots of Tom Cruise moping around.

I think the studio realized this wasn’t very good, and they shoved it into April, in hopes that it would have a shot in a month without many major releases. But, everyone eventually realized how incredibly boring this film was, and it bombed. Seriously, slow as molasses. Every 10 minutes feels like an hour.


One thought on “Movie Review: Oblivion

  1. I expected Oblivion to be really interesting, but it was extremely boring. I completely agree with you.

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