American Idol 13- Top 10 Recap- One Of These 10 Is Not Like The Other

First off. What the eff did they do with MK’s hair?

1) MK Nobilette- (Fuckin) Perfect

I think MK got a bit of her confidence back after not being in the bottom 3 last week. It’s cool to see MK interact with the sway bots. She got lost in the music, and stumbled a bit there near the end. It seemed like she was just wanting the song to end at that point She can’t appear defeated, but she did. I agree with Keith that she still isn’t owning the stage. We can’t wait five more weeks to see that from MK. At some point, she will be the weakest contender left. I agree with J Lo that she didn’t handle the mistake well.


2) Dexter Roberts- Cruise

Dexter’s having some issues with his in ear mic. Dexter takes a while to get comfortable in the song. Simon would have called this performance like watching paint dry. I normally can find redeeming qualities in Dexter’s songs. I like the kid. I think this was a pointless performance. At the end of the night, this pointless performance will stand out as one of the worst of the night. It wasn’t a great vocal, it was an alright vocal. He was flat in parts. He just slowly strolled around the stage, and lacked the charisma he usually has (like last week). I agree with Harry that it was “bereft of joy”. He looked half asleep walking around on the stage.


3) Jena Irene- Clarity

Way too low for her in the beginning. I don’t know why Jena can’t be consistent for two weeks in a row.  If I could, I would handcuff her to a piano.  I think the performance, vocally, got better as it set into her range. It was a step back from last week, definitely. I don’t think this was the right song to choose for a singing competition. A repetitive chorus is hard to turn into a memorable performance.


4) Alex Preston- Story of My Life

The great thing about this song is that it sounds like an Alex Preston original, and not your typical One Direction song. Alex is pretty consistent. He’s an awkward performer at times, but I think that just helps weight his artistry down. It doesn’t feel like karaoke. By far, the best performance of the night so far. By leaps and bounds. Harry tells Alex that he’s leading the pack in artistry and Jena, Dexter, and MK don’t look too happy.


5) Malaya Watson- When I Was Your Man

Because the last time Malaya tackled Bruno Mars was so awesome, she’s decided to cover him again? It’s a little odd when a song is gender bent, but the lyrics stay the same. The song lyrics have Malaya saying “When I Was Your Man”. Did you have an operation? It’s impossible for me to fully enjoy a song with confusing lyrics. That being said, it is actually one of her stronger vocals. I thought she was really in the song, and sang the crap out of it. She redeemed herself in terms of being able to perform Bruno Mars. I think she answered Harry’s call to sing like you have to sing to survive. Malaya is making a comeback.


6) Caleb Johnson- Edge Of Glory

You are not Jack Black. First off. As far as the song, I thought he sucked the energy out of it, and replaced it with pseudo-energy. It wasn’t real energy, and still felt sleepy. He re-did it for his style, so you’re either going to love or hate it. I kinda loved and hated it. One side of it, it was a cool change-up, and on the other side it felt slower and completely lacked energy. Even Caleb seemed sleepy. Points for originality, but those points are negated for putting the audience to sleep.


7) CJ Harris- Invisible

Pitch problems. I’m not as forgiving as the judges are. It got really rough near the end. It did seem that CJ connected with the lyrics, more than usual at least, but he was only on pitch maybe half the time. It was a little sleepy, and I’m not sure this was the right song for him. This is one of those performances I’d forget if it were at the beginning. At this stage in the game, performances like this are not going to keep CJ alive.


8) Jess Meuse- Pumped Up Kicks

An odd song to sing on the show, as you can’t really smile and sing this. Oddly enough, Jess chooses to smile through a song that’s likely about a school shooting. It’s sort of like performing Brian’s Song by Blink 182. It’s hard to be happy. Although, artistically, I loved it. I thought it was good for Jess. It was a little more current and upbeat than her last two performances. I agree with Harry that her interpretation wasn’t quite there. Probably because the song is hard to evoke on the show. I don’t think this song will get her more fans. I’m worried it might even hurt her.


9) Majesty Rose- Wake Me Up

Majesty got the message. This is back to the Majesty we’ve been wanting to see. The only criticism that I’ll throw her is to take more liberties with her covers. Sometimes, just gender bending a song is enough, and it’s worked well for her in the past (Happy). There’s no doubt that this was good enough to pull her out of the bottom 3 this week (especially considering some of the performances tonight). I want to see something truly artistic though if she wants to be in the finale (which other than Alex seems like an open finale right now).


10) Sam Woolf- We Are Young

Sam needs a rebound, just like Majesty. There’s still something off about his stage presence. He looks uncomfortable, like MK and Dexter. Vocally? This is really good. I think it might be the Sam Woolf performance people remember, for once. I mean, it’s not mind blowing amazing, but it was a great way to close the show, and to bounce back from last week. I agree that Sam needs to own it with more confidence. He was a little like a field mouse tonight.



WILL BE BOTTOM: MK, CJ, Jess (maybe Dexter, but I’m thinking that the long talk about Pumped Up Kicks and the lyrics will rub people the wrong way).


One thought on “American Idol 13- Top 10 Recap- One Of These 10 Is Not Like The Other

  1. I’m a die hard AI fan from day one. I even own an AI hat, and I’m 43. I have no shame, I love the show. That being said, this season has been the one that has least captured my interest. I didn’t watch the whole show last night, and your recap filled me in and made me feel like I watched it. Mostly because the kids this time are so predictable. There aren’t really any singers who are annoying but so amazing on the mic that you can’t help but love them. (Adam Lambert, etc)

    I love MK but she isn’t ready for this show. Two years from now, I think she’d take the stage by storm and really make an impact on the industry.

    I’m a huge Alex fan. Huge huge. I was tickled pink at the screams from the crowd after his song last night. He is not the typical looking “pop star” and is probably the most awkward contestant in the history of the show. And I love him.

    Thanks for the recap!

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