NBC Picks Up ‘Judge’ and ‘Control’, ‘Parenthood’ Looking Iffy

There’s a battle going on at NBC, and it is over Parenthood. Much like the battle at ABC over Nashville, the producers behind Parenthood are haggling over the episode order size. NBC is only offering 9 episodes for what will be the final season of Parenthood, and the producers believe they deserve 13 episodes for their final hurrah. Who will budge? Will Parenthood just get axed entirely? NBC didn’t renew either Revolution or Community, not caring to offer either fanbase a “last hurrah”, so it is possible that NBC backs out of Parenthood too and just kills the show.

They have added to their sitcom list also by ordering Bad Judge and Mission Control to series. Mission Control is only getting a six episode order, and earlier I reported that NBC ordered One Big Happy to series, and forgot to mention that it also only got a 6 episode order. Bad Judge seems to be getting the traditional 13 episode treatment. Bad Judge stars Kate Walsh, and Mission Control stars Krysten Ritter.

NBC still has Dracula and The Biggest Loser hanging in the balance. No word on either series, but I’m betting Dracula is dead, and the death will just casually be confirmed at upfronts. They may not even bother to announce it. On the other hand, why hasn’t NBC renewed The Biggest Loser? It’s a solid performer. Do they intend on finally axing the show? Or are they retooling the concept? Maybe they only want one cycle, which seems to be happening with Dancing With The Stars.


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