‘Dr Strange’ Has A Director, Who Should Star?

With Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Deliver Us From Evil) signed on to direct Marvel’s upcoming Dr Strange film, the big question now is who will play Dr Strange?

Rumor had it that Johnny Depp was meeting with Marvel, though immediately every fanboy thought that was a terrible idea. So, in lieu of that casting, here are five other choices Marvel could get behind:

1) Jon Hamm

The rumor is that he’s Marvel’s second choice anyway. Why not first choice? He’s an award winning actor, who is cheaper than Johnny Depp, but well known enough to anchor the franchise. He’s not a spring chicken, since Dr. Strange is supposed to be older. He play intelligent well. He’s done drama and comedy, both well.

2) Benedict Cumberbatch

Fans of Sherlock will probably both understand, and either agree or shudder at the idea of Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange. He’s well known for playing a highly intellectual character, and as we’ve seen in Star Trek, he can continue to play that character in a more action heavy role. He too is a “rising star” and would be an investment, much like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were.

3) Jeffrey Dean Morgan

If you’re looking for someone a bit older, because Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark is pushing the age limits a bit, then consider Morgan. Granted, his “rising star” status has faded, but his cred hasn’t. With roles in Watchmen and Supernatural, Morgan appeals already to a large fanboy audience. There aren’t many actors over 45 who could pull this role off. Except Robert Downey Jr, and he’s already Iron Man.

4) Liam Neeson

A nice alternative to Morgan for a bad ass older guy. Neeson has been kicking ass for years, and his wisdom has been brought to “wise old man” roles in Clash of the Titans and Batman Begins. He could be a great choice for Dr. Strange, and a great A-list alternative to Johnny Depp.

5) Patrick Dempsey

How about an actor who has been lobbying to play Dr. Strange for years? Patrick Dempsey has openly asked to play Dr. Strange, and would actually be worth considering. He’s well known enough, old enough, and he’s played an intelligent character so long that it wouldn’t be hard picturing him as Stephen Strange. His more lighthearted turns in Made Of Honor and Enchanted suggest he might even be able to be funny, with the right material.

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