Dead Before Dawn

Starring: Devon Bostick, Christopher Lloyd, Martha MacIssac, Brandon Jay MacLaren, Brittany Allen

Directed By: April Mullen

A zombie comedy directed by a girl? That’s awesome. The horror genre seems to be very male dominated, so good for her. Was it the best zombie comedy? Uhh… No. This comes nowhere near Shaun Of The dead. There’s an entire continent between this and Shaun Of The Dead. Considering it was a horror comedy I’d never heard of, starring the older brother from the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series… I’d say it was a success.

It’s an easy watch. That’s the good news. It just wasn’t really funny. It made me smirk a couple times, but sometimes silly doesn’t translate into funny.

The idea is that a group of college kids (who I don’t even understand their friendships) end up in Christopher Lloyd’s occult shop where an ancient curse is bestowed upon them after they break an urn. Everyone they make eye contact with becomes a demon/zombie. They have till dawn to reverse the curse, or it becomes permanent.

Like I said, a few chuckles. But, it fails as any kind of a real parody of the genre, unlike Shaun Of The Dead, which did it way better. It’s also impossible to understand why they cast Bostick. He doesn’t have nearly enough screen presence to anchor a film around, and becomes far too annoying to care about just after about 30 minutes.

If you like zombie comedies, this is an OK bet. It’s not a must see, but if you feel like you’ve seen everything else on Netflix, then maybe give this a shot. If you’re worried about gore… it’s not any more gory than Shaun Of The Dead, perhaps even less gory. It’s almost the kind of film that could develop a cult following. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, or even if it had one, I just don’t think it was quite funny enough to deserve a following.


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