Will Yahoo Save ‘Enlisted’? Should they?

After making a name for their online streaming service Yahoo Screen by saving fan favorite Community, word now is that Yahoo is in talks to do the same with FOX’s recently cancelled Enlisted. If this is true, Yahoo Screen will quickly become the place to go to in order to save your favorite shows. Which, that could be their thing.

Yahoo Screen is basically an unknown property right now, looking to break through in a very crowded streaming marketplace. If Yahoo Screen becomes known, not for developing new product (which as Hulu is proving, is really hard), but instead for saving beloved cancelled series, that could be their niche audience.

Yahoo could sweep in and give shows closure. They could give shows new life. Yahoo could find themselves with a whole new established audience, as well as fans of Yahoo Screen who are grateful for saving their series. Yahoo Screen could be seen as the platform that gives second life to deserving shows.

I think Yahoo should go for broke on this model. Imagine a fall lineup consisting of Community, Enlisted, Trophy Wife, The Neighbors, Suburgatory, Bad Teacher, and The Crazy Ones.

They could vary the episode orders.  I think this should be encouraged. I think Yahoo Screen could really breakthrough with this.

What do you think?

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