Weekend Box Office: ‘Apes’ Still Rule, ‘Sex Tape’ Falls Apart

1) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 36M Weekend, 138.9M Total

The Apes lead again, easily winning, and dipping only 50% from last weekend. It’s not a bad drop considering how high it opened, and how most big films drop more than 50% in their 2nd weekend. It will face more direct competition next weekend from both Lucy and Hercules, drawing the action audience in.

2) The Purge: Anarchy- 28.3M Weekend, 28.3M Total

The Purge sequel opened below the original, but still did a good job, all things considered. It’s just a matter of time before they announce a third Purge. These things are super cheap to make.

3) Planes 2- 18M Weekend, 18M total

With a budget of 50M, Planes 2 is still on track to be a profitable sequel. Even if it opened slightly below the original.

4) Sex Tape- 15M Weekend, 15M Total

This was kind of a flop, and also opened below Cameron Diaz’s The Other Woman. A C+ cinemascore doesn’t bode well for the future.

5) Transformers 4- 10M Weekend, 227.1M Total

Transformers dropped only 38%, meaning that it is finally developing some legs.

6) Tammy- 7.6M Weekend, 71.2M Total

7) 22 Jump Street- 4.7M Weekend, 180.5M Total

8) How To Train Your Dragon 2- 3.8M Weekend, 160.6M Total

9) Maleficent- 3.3M Weekend, 228.3M Total

10) Earth To Echo- 3.2M Weekend, 31.9M Total

11) Begin Again- 2.7M Weekend, 9.4M Total

12) America- 1.7M Weekend, 11.4M Total

13) Deliver Us From Evil- 1.5M Weekend, 29.2M Total

14) Jersey Boys- 1.2M Weekend, 44.4M Total

15) Boyhood- 1.1M Weekend, 1.8M Total (36,303 PSA)

16) Chef- 1.1M Weekend, 25.9M Total

17) Edge Of Tomorrow- 1.1M Weekend, 96.6M Total

18) Think Like A Man Too- 1.1M Weekend, 63.9M Total

19) Persecuted- 0.9M Weekend, 0.9M Total (1,303 PSA)

20) The Fault In Our Stars- 0.8M Weekend, 121.5M Total

??) Wish I Was Here- 495K Weekend, 495K Total (7,279 PSA)

??) Snowpiercer- 456K Weekend, 3.4M Total (2,161 PSA)

??) I Origins- 28K Weekend, 28K Total (7,125 PSA)

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