Weekend Box Office: ‘Guardians’ Tops The Weekend

Guardians Of The Galaxy won a swift victory over the weekend, with a 23K per screen average An A Cinemascore means that Marvel has a 200M hit on their hands, for sure. It will continue to play well for the remainder of the summer. Get On Up also debuted with an A Cinemascore, and could do well with word of mouth in the coming weeks.

Lucy dropped 58% in Week 2, and Hercules dropped 63%, even though Hercules had the better cinemascore. The third new movie last weekend, And So It Goes, only dipped 29% in Week 2, maintaining a Top 10 spot. Another small decline came from Planes 2, which was 36%, and allowed it to overtake The Purge: Anarchy, which started to level off after only dropping 44%.

A Most Wanted Man rose 20% in an expansion, with a per-screen average of 4K, and Boyhood almost cracked the top 10, with a per screen of 7K.

Magic In The Moonlight rose a bit, still getting a good per screen of 11K. Other indie movies fared differently. Wish I Was Here now only has an 810 per screen average, and fell out of the Top 20. Snowpiercer continues to do OK, but Happy Christmas hasn’t connected with audiences.

This weekends new limited releases, Calvary and Child of God each fared differently. Calvary ended up with a strong 18K per screen average, and Child Of God only got 3K per screen.

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 94.3M Weekend, 94.3M Total

2) Lucy- 18.2M Weekend, 79.5M Total

3) Get On Up- 13.5M Weekend, 13.5M Total

4) Hercules- 11M Weekend, 52.3M Total

5) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 8.6M Weekend, 189.3M Total

6) Planes 2- 6M Weekend, 47.2M Total

7) The Purge: Anarchy- 5.8M Weekend, 63.2M Total

8) Sex Tape- 3.5M Weekend, 33.8M Total

9) A Most Wanted Man- 3.2M Weekend, 6.9M Total

10) And So It Goes- 3.2M Weekend, 10.3M Total

11) Boyhood- 2.3M Weekend, 7.4M Total

12) Transformers 4- 2.2M Weekend, 241.2M Total

13) Tammy- 1.5M Weekend, 81.5M Total

14) How To Train Your Dragon 2- 1.2M Weekend, 168.5M Total

15) Maleficent- 1.2M Weekend, 234.7M Total

17) Magic In The Moonlight- 0.7M Weekend, 1.3M Total

21) Wish I Was Here- 0.6M Weekend, 3M Total

37) Snowpiercer- 0.1M Weekend, 4.1M Total

40) Calvary- 74K Weekend, 74K Total

49) Child Of God- 27K Weekend, 27K total

64) Happy Christmas- 7K Weekend, 17K Total


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