The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

Starring: Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, Melissa Leo, Hamish Linklater, Sutton Foster, James Earl Jones, Louis CK, Richard Kind

I’m trying to think of the last great Robin Williams role. Probably in World’s Greatest Dad in 2009. This film could have been great. There’s a good premise here about a man who is given 90 minutes to live, and struggles to piece his life back together. It’s just so shitastically put together that it failed him. This movie failed him. I hate the score, by the way. Usually I don’t notice the score, or I love the score. It’s rare that I hate the score.

The supporting cast isn’t bad, but the writing is terrible. It’s not funny at all. What happened to the people who were able to write for Robin Williams? What happened to Robin Williams knowing whether or not a script was good for him? This character could have been really funny, but instead he has so many introspective moments that it weights down the script.

And the shitty piano chords during the serious moments… just make the serious moments worse. I’m so angry that this movie wasn’t funny at all, but I’m not in brooklyn, so I can’t be the angriest man in brooklyn. I can understand why this was abandoned as a film by the studio. It makes sense. If I was a studio executive and shown a Robin Willams/Mila Kunis film that was this, I’d probably cringe and throw it in the trash bin.

There’s nothing to like about this film. It’s a giant mess, and isn’t worthy of Williams. The director’s previous film was The Sum Of All Fears in 2002… 12 years ago. I’d say he’s a little rusty. Or incapable of directing outside the action genre.


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