Believe Me

Starring: Alex Russell, Miles Fisher, Sinqua Walls, Max Adler, Christopher McDonald, Zachary Knighton, Lecrae, Johanna Braddy, Nick Offerman

This film has already faded into obscurity. A film with no stars, that opened in barely limited release (and VOD), that is marketed as a comedy, but has absolutely no laughs. I never laughed. It’s clearly trying to be a comedy, it’s not deep enough to be a drama, but the jokes aren’t funny, and the actors aren’t very good. The four main leads are destined for a life of bad movies and movies no one will watch. Nick Offerman is BARELY in this.

Honestly, this movie should have been funnier. The plot is solid, but the execution is poor. Four young guys start up a fake charity for mission work to skim money from Christians. This could have been hilarious. Unfortunately, they were afraid to “go there”. I’d love to see a remake of this directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, because it probably would have been the movie this needed to be. For college guys, these guys are really tame. It’s almost as if they wanted this to be a Christian movie, and avoided being too offensive. Though… the movie kinda pokes fun at Christians, so it doesn’t work in that genre either.

It’s just a mess. I would say avoid this at all costs, but that isn’t going to be too hard, considering how hard it will be to find this movie. It definitely sucked the life out of the room like a Christian movie did. Maybe this was like that movie Extreme Days, and was some covert Christian movie. Maybe I’ve been bombarded by subliminal messages. It’s not an offensively bad movie, it’s just an offensively dull movie.


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