Edge Of Tomorrow

Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendon Gleeson, Jonas Armstrong, Noah Taylor
Directed By: Doug Liman

Fuck. Yes, I’m opening my review with “fuck”. First time I’ve ever had that response, but it applies across the board to so many different things. Case in point: 1) “Fuck! That was a great movie.” Yes, I really enjoyed Tom Cruise’s latest effort, which is just light years better than Oblivion. 2) “Fuck! Why didn’t I see this in theatres?” This second statement is more closely related to other statements, I believe. I just ran out of time and didn’t get to see it in theatres. I wish I had. 3) “Fuck! Edge of Tomorrow is an awful title for this film.” True story. Edge Of Tomorrow is the worst of the possible titles for the film which included All You Need Is Kill and Live Die Repeat. Live Die Repeat makes the most sense based on what the film is about, but Edge Of Tomorrow tells me nothing. I mean, I kinda get it… he never quite makes it to tomorrow, he’s always on the edge of it, but it’s still a vague title.

Edge Of Tomorrow was brilliantly scripted by Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) as a story of an alien invasion of earth, and the war around it. More specifically, a soldier (Cruise) who becomes infected with the ability to reset the day when he dies. It’s the advantage that the aliens have been using to win the battles so far, and now the humans have it, only they all think he’s crazy… except one (Blunt), because it happened to her too.

Doug Liman directs a fast paced, smart action movie that feels original, fresh, funny, kick-ass, and other adjectives you’d use to describe a film that you loved. There are more “important” films this year, but Edge Of Tomorrow is the best “fun” movie you’ll watch this year. Based on its disappointing box office, I’d say is also the most undervalued film of the year. You probably threw your cash at some shitty epic like Godzilla or Trans4mers (I put the 4 there just to piss you off even more). Instead, you should have dropped dollars at Tom Cruise like his name was Lola and he was the hottest stripper in the club.

I have nothing bad to say about the film except that I didn’t recognize Jonas Armstrong was in the film until I saw his name listed on IMDB. I was a big fan of Robin Hood, and had no idea that was him. He bulked up a lot. Good for him.


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