Weekend Box Office: Liam Neeson Takes The Box Office For All Its Worth

Liam Neeson managed the 2nd highest opening in January ever with Taken 3, debuting at 40.4M, just behind last years Ride Along (which broke the record with 41.5M). It was considerably beyond the rest of the competition, as you can see below. American Sniper continues to do banner business, drumming up another 138K per screen average. Also impressive, A Most Violent Year with 30K. American Sniper is set to go wide next weekend.

1) Taken 3- 40.4M Weekend, 40.4M Total
2) Selma- 11.2M Weekend, 13.4M Total
3) Into The Woods- 9.7M Weekend, 105.2M Total
4) The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies- 9.4M Weekend, 236.5M Total
5) Unbroken- 8.3M Weekend, 101.6M Total
6) The Imitation Game- 7.6M Weekend, 40.8M Total
7) Night At The Museum 3- 6.7M Weekend, 99.5M Total
8) Annie- 4.9M Weekend, 79.4M Total
9) Woman In Black 2- 4.8M Weekend, 22.3M Total
10) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 1- 3.7M Weekend, 329.5M Total
11) Inherent Vice- 2.9M Weekend, 4.4M Total
12) Wild- 2.7M Weekend, 30.3M Total
13) The Gambler- 2.3M Weekend, 32.3M Total
14) Big Hero 6- 2.2M Weekend, 214.4M Total
15) Big Eyes- 1.3M Weekend, 12.2M Total
16) Penguins Of Madagascar- 1.2M Weekend, 79.8M Total
17) Interstellar- 1.1M Weekend, 184.7M Total
18) Exodus- 1.1M Weekend, 63.6M Total
??) The Theory Of Everything- 675K Weekend, 25.8M Total
??) Birdman- 590K Weekend, 26.3M Total
??) American Sniper- 555K Weekend, 3.1M Total
??) Top Five- 550K Weekend, 24.8M Total
??) Foxcatcher- 531K Weekend, 8.7M Total
??) Mr Turner- 242K Weekend, 1.2M Total
??) A Most Violent Year- 121K Weekend, 457K Total

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