Weekend Box Office: ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ A No Contest Victor

Two movies entered the marketplace this weekend, both with good reviews, and both highly anticipated. Surprise surprise, the PG-13 sequel won the weekend… by a lot. Not that Mad Max: Fury Road disappointed. It actually debuted really well, especially for a 2nd place debut. Even Avengers did really well in third place. Hot Pursuit fell apart though. That’s almost a 60% drop in week two… for a comedy. Unusual. And it looks like Far From The Madding Crowd broke into the top 10. Congrats! Next weekend, Tomorrowland makes its impact, and Poltergeist aims to scare some people into buying tickets.

1) Pitch Perfect 2- 69M Weekend Estimate, 69M Total
2) Mad Max: Fury Road- 44M Weekend Estimate, 44M Total
3) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 38M Weekend Estimate, 372M Total
4) Hot Pursuit- 5.7M Weekend, 23.4M Total
5) Paul Blart 2- 3.6M Weekend, 62.9M Total
6) Furious 7- 3.6M Weekend, 343.7M Total
7) Age Of Adaline- 3.3M Weekend, 37M Total
8) Home- 2.7M Weekend, 165.5M Total
9) Ex Machina- 2.1M Weekend, 19.5M total
10)Far From The Madding Crowd- 1.2M Weekend, 2.6M Total

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