Weekend Box Office: The Rock Leads With ‘San Andreas’, ‘Aloha’ Disappoints

San Andreas led the weekend with a pretty great 53.2M, ahead of expectations of around 40-45M. It is The Rock’s biggest opening as a leading man outside of the Fast and Furious franchise. San Andreas also received an A- from audiences, suggesting the film might also have legs. Aloha managed a B- from audiences, making it the second lowest cinemascore in the Top 10 (above only Poltergeist, which dropped 65% in Week 2. Aloha won’t make it to 25M domestic at this rate. A 6th place opening the weekend before 3 new wide releases will push Aloha almost out of the Top 10 in its second week.

Pitch Perfect 2 continues to be a phenomenon. It’s closing in on outgrossing the original by 100M. A third has to be a foregone conclusion at this point. Mad Max continues to build on its goodwill, and Far From The Madding Crowd aims to please those looking for something a little different. Indie hit I’ll See You In My Dreams continues to do well in limited release.

1) San Andreas- 53.2M Weekend, 53.2M Total
2) Pitch Perfect 2- 14.8M Weekend, 147.5M Total
3) Tomorrowland- 13.8M Weekend, 63.2M Total
4) Mad Max: Fury Road- 13.6M Weekend, 115.9M Total
5) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 10.9M Weekend, 427.1M Total
6) Aloha- 10M Weekend, 10M Total
7) Poltergeist- 7.8M Weekend, 38.3M Total
8) Far From The Madding Crowd- 1.4M Weekend, 8.4M Total
9) Hot Pursuit- 1.3M Weekend, 32.4M Total
10) Home- 1.1M Weekend, 170.4M Total
11) Furious 7- 0.9M Weekend, 349.2M Total
12) Ex Machina- 0.7M Weekend, 23.5M Total
??) I’ll See You In My Dreams- 0.5M Weekend, 1.1M Total

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