Tinker Bell and the Legend Of The Neverbeast

Featuring The Voices Of: Ginnifer Goodwin, Mae Whitman, Rosario Dawson, Lucy Liu, Raven Symone, Pamela Adlon, Megan Hilty, Danai Gurira, Chloe Bennett, Thomas Lennon, Anjelica Huston
Directed By: Steve Loter

Disney’s Tinker Bell movies are kind of like a guilty pleasure. They’re way better than they should be for a series of straight-to-video releases, and they don’t pander to the lowest common audience either. We probably owe a lot of that to John Lassiter, who oversees all Disney Animation movies, including the Tinker Bell series. The story is good, the voice work is strong, and some of them are good enough that they could be in theatres. Neverbeast wouldn’t work well as a theatrical entry, because it focuses heavily on Fawn (Goodwin), one of the other Pixies, and not on the well known Tinker Bell. Ms. Bell takes a backseat for most of the film, only helping out in a few key scenes, and the rest of the recurring fairies as well. This is Fawn’s story.

I can definitely think of worse ways to spend 75 minutes, especially if you have kids. I’ve enjoyed basically every entry so far in the franchise, and even the ones without a review from me wouldn’t fall below a B-, though none of them are A range quality either. Mass produced fun for the whole family, and fairly well done at that.


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